WoW Cataclysm Secret Locations

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Secret Locations

Here is a list of wow cataclysm secret locations and how you can still reach them in the game. Keep in mind these where tested with an early alpha build so some of them might not work anymore but be sure to check them out never the less as you can probably get most of these working on private servers.

The first wow cataclysm secret location is going to be the sw gate roof exploit this exploit will allow you to get on top of the roof in the sw gate for wow cataclysm. It takes a few tries but once you do it correctly you will be on top of the gate and have an extra advantage.

The next place is the cataclysm IF landing strip. This location can take a bit of time getting to and you need to use your mount. You just run your mount up to the corner of the map and then dismount and jump quickly. IF you have done it correctly you will now be in between the mountains and able to run around. You just then keep jump up and up til you reach the top and you can now explore a brand new area and have an advantage on other players. Keep in mind its best to use mounts switching on and off to reach the top the easiest way possible.

The next cataclysm secret location in the game you can still reach is going to be under SW. To reach this secret cataclysm location firs to fall get on your mount and go to the town and dismount and start trying to jump on a torch you can see in the video. From there jump on the upper part of the concrete. Then fall from there as the video shows and you will now be actually under SW. You can move around and see the places far above you.

Next is going to be Old IF in the video you can see a player jump on their mount and start running around. Take your mount to the location as shown in the video. If you do it correctly you will be now in the old area of IF. You can travel underground and see how the game was WAY back in the starting days of wow. Keep in mind some players actually try to hang out around here and hold meetings. Be sure no GM sees you wandering around here as you can get banned in the game for going to this area as well.

Well those are the top world of warcraft cataclysm secret spots still working from the original world of warcraft keep checking back to see new things added to the game and ways you can make your gaming all the better for world of warcraft cataclysm.

25 Responses to “WoW Cataclysm Secret Locations”

  1. tarrperpc says:

    great clip. have some of you fellas looked at the wow cheats pack from warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? it’s impressive, i just down loaded it. it’s got absolutely everything in it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches and even the newest arena glitch. i perhaps shouldnt reveal to folks about it however at the very least it gives you all a reasonable opportunity to download it before i own all of you

  2. MileyDOMOKUNpugs says:

    @klonvomhaus get a life. some people dont know how to get there. maybe you do, but you dont have to be an asshole.

  3. NoZite79 says:

    I have tryed the first “Secret place” XD pretty funny

  4. klonvomhaus says:

    @samuelvig Every gm would say “all of these places”. But if noone writes a ticket, you won´t get banned. I asked a gm in a ticket for some things while I was on top of IF, nothing happened…. You can just try them, if (like darkphazonsumas already said) blizz didn´t want you to go there, they would programm a wall or something.

  5. klonvomhaus says:

    @TheGooglielmo Okay, not working on every server… But what stair did you use?

  6. klonvomhaus says:

    @mewillst Hey, it´s just my thoughts about this video, because if you ever played WoW PRE wotlk, you know what I´m talking about. I got a life, now it´s your turn. -.-
    These places are easy to get to and you don´t need any skills… Nothing you need to post. He just has to look for better places, hard to get to, and I won´t say a thing. -.-

  7. slomo006 says:

    Old IF us really just a little extra like the exploding rats or the worlds biggest panda in Warcraft3

  8. bryanchoi123123 says:

    you can still get in old IF i did it once will raiding IF
    got feared into it but not where he did

  9. TheGooglielmo says:

    @klonvomhaus Actually you can get to Old IF i was there earlier today

  10. Lavourrin says:

    Actualy I made it today to get to Old Ironforge. Quite easy. But nothing special is in there…

  11. mewillst says:

    “Noobish”, “pro exploiter”.

    Get a life, They’re 1337.

  12. klonvomhaus says:

    SW – Noobish, everyone knows that. On top of IF? Nothing real hard for me… Did that so many times… I saw where you want to go since Loch Modan… lol… And you can´t get to Old IF anymore… You can´t make duells under the stairs… no longer.^^ Under SW is much easier on the other side of the Gate… And you didn´t get behind the blue Portal with the big Iron Gate in fron of it? The instancedoor?! This is noobish for a pro exploiter…

  13. tobbias99 says:

    Really simple buggs I found out all of these myself.

  14. darkphazonsumas says:

    I personally think, that if Blizz didn’t want you to find these place, they simply wouldn’t exist

  15. samuelvig says:

    can some1 say which of these will get u banned

  16. AlmightyCracker119 says:

    that would be awesome like undead dwarfs or something lol

  17. BrookexSamantha says:

    Dose Blizzard want people to find these place..? The questions that will never be answered, but ill just answer my question. Probably LOL Nice video, boyo

  18. TheChosenTechy says:

    It would be BA if there was going to be an instance down there.

  19. gigask8er says:

    @Ninjajoe21 u think there will be a instance down there

  20. jjpresnell says:

    And your point?

  21. Ninjajoe21 says:

    You will be able to got to Old IF In Catyclysm

  22. pitifulpotato says:

    ye ive seen old ironforge with eagle eye in ironforge by looking down but never gotten to old ironforge 😛

  23. therealjordiano says:

    about the thid one: go on the other side m8, its easier…

    other than tht, very nice vid! i love these little tricks 😛 and u can’t possibly get banned for them can u? its not rly doing anything wrong

  24. osweetie246 says:

    lol ive been under SW

  25. russian1mafia says:

    nice spots