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Rift Automatic Groupings Guide

Question By Jeffley: Does anyone know of a guide for rift on automatic groupings? I want to play rift with a feature that wow had that lets you automatically join groups in the game. This is very important when it comes to doing the harder end game dungeons, and getting certain quests completed that require multiple people in the game. It sucks that im being forced to post over and over again int he world chat box. While yes this can help me eventually find a group for questing, players who aren’t viewing that chat will never find me. So anyways does anyone know of a rift automatic groupings guide.

Best Answer By Tault
When you are doing a zone quest you can join groups easily. Best of all you wont even need to ask the group leader of that zone quest. You can just auto join. This is one of the best features of risk that people think will start being abused very soon, but currently it is not. The best way to do this is find a player thats in a group. Then click on that player and you will see a photo of their account. Now you can see above their head a small join group button. Then just click on the group and you can easily join it and start gaining all the perks for that zone. Keep in mind while some quests might not have this feature the majority of risks quests do have this feature which is something tons of players are happy about and is actually helping to improve the game.

If you are after more rift guides be sure to come check out taultunleashed for all the latest rift premium guides out there.

Rift Defiant Leveling and Gold Cheating Guide

Rift Defiant Leveling and Gold Cheating GuideRift Defiant Leveling and Gold Cheating Guide

Here is going to be a quick recap of all the major defiant leveling guides and cheats out there, and rift defiant gold guides and cheats that you can currently use.  The defiant is one of the 2 sides in rift online you can pick from.  The other is the guardians.  The defiant you could classify as the horde in world of warcraft and the alliance would be the guardians.  Anyways back to what are the major defiant level and gold cheats and guides out there.

Rift Defiant Leveling Guides and Secrets

The first major one is going to be ways to use a secret for artifacts in the game.  This used correctly will help you easily level in the game with little to no work on your part.  The next leveling guides out there that are major are the true leveling guides that you can find over at taultunleashed here is their rift defiant guide leveling section.  Some other big ones for the defiant are ways to use crystals to give you extra boosts most players don’t know about.  Ways to help you complete your defiant daily’s faster, and finally ways to use your attributes correctly when it comes to leveling.

Rift Defiant Leveling Cheats and Exploits

The major defiant leveling cheats and exploits in the game that you can use to help you are the following.  Ways to exploit rogues to give you full health instantly in the game easily.  Bug out your soul specs so you can use multiple soul spec abilities in the game.  Defiant spawn spots for mobs that you can kill over and over again to get yourself in game xp very quickly.

Rift Defiant Gold Guides and Secrets

The major gold guide sand secrets for the defiant in rift online are using rifts to drop extra items you can sell in the game.  Ways to build your classes far stronger than they should be, and the best quests in the game and how you can complete them for even more in game gold.

Rift Defiant Gold Cheats and Exploit

The major defiant gold cheats and exploits are going to be the following.  Get extra rewards for completing rifts in the game.  Killing mobs in the fire quest that give you extra gold in the game.  Teleport in the game to help you get to spots that you can farm mobs far more easily for extra in game gold.  Camping mob spawns that give extra high amounts of in game loot and more.

Anyways those are all the major things out there for the defiant side in rift online.  If you want to learn more in depth about any of these then be sure to go check out taultunleashed because they have all this and more on their site.

Rift Defiant and Guardian Leveling Guides

Rift Defiant and Guardian Leveling GuidesRift Defiant and Guardian Leveling Guides

Here is one of the worlds top games when it comes to leveling, and you’re going to need to know all the leveling guides and secrets to help you become unstoppable.  Here is some quick tips for leveling your account in rift online.

Do The Low Level Quests

Well its best to start out doing the small quests you are first given of course.  This is good because it will help you familiarize yourself with the game and the way its played.  Then as you get up there in your level using a leveling guide should make things much easier for you.

Try To Group As Many Quests Together As You Can

Rift online has the game set up so you can take multiple quests at once.  Whats nice about this is some quests are actually combined in the places you need to do.  So maybe you have a quest in one area that ahs you find a certain item, but as well there is another quest that wants you to kill a special mob.  If you take all the quests you can at each area you can try to find which ones you can group together to help you level all the faster in the game.

Don’t Waste Your Time On The Harder Quests

It seems with rift online the majority of the games harder quests aren’t worth your time.  While they might give you a better reward and xp in the game it still wont be wroth it.  You can complete 3 easy quests by the time you finish one hard quest and in the long run you would have done the easy quests faster and gotten more xp from completing the easy quests in the game.  So try to avoid the harder quests if you can.

The Best Place For Rift Online Leveling Guides

The best place out there for rift online leveling guides has to be at they have more guides when it comes to leveling in rift online than any other site out there.

Here is a direct link to taultunleashed and another direct link to the rift online guides and cheats section for the site.

Taultunleashed kills the competition because you not only get all their rift online leveling guides but leveling guides to all the major rift online leveling guides.  They even have cheats, bots, hacks, dupes, and more for rift online.  So while you can waste your time with just one simple guide somewhere else.  You can get everything at taultunleashed.