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SW:ToR - Developer Blog & Advanced Class System

Welcome ladies and gents to the next set of updates for one of the most anticipated upcoming games. The Old Replublic!

This update brings you the Advanced Class System and a new Developer Blog introducing for the first time to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, The Voss.

The Advanced Class System looks similar to the Expertise System from Star Wars Galaxies, where you have a certain amount of points. You spend points in the basic section of your class, then you can add to that by spending points in an Advanced section. Looks good to me so far! At least this way there will be somewhat some differences between player characters.

The Developer Blog is based on introducing a new planet and species to the Star Wars Universe, the Voss. Have a read of the article. It’s a long one, but definitely worth the read.

Here are the links to the ToR updates. Enjoy 🙂

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