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Wrath of the Lich King Exploits - Summon Players With No Cool Down

– Here is a great way to RAF another player after you are level 60 and then skip the entire 60 minute cool down in the game.

1 – Have your RAF friend not apart of your games group.
2 – Go and send your party invite to your friend.
3 – Go and open your friends list.
4 – Click the summon button over and over again.
5 – Have your friend accept your party invite you send them, but make sure they do it while you are spamming the summon button over and over again.
6 – You should now summon your friend.
7 – You should now get an error after you summon your friend
8 – The summon however will still go thru.
9 – Enjoy summoning your buddy.

Note – The downside is that you have to have friends a decent distance from you and they cant be standing right next to you. The easiest way is to have someone across the zone.

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