FF14 Begginers Quest Guide

Here is a video of a quest from final fantasy 14 and how you interact with one. You can see you first select from a list of different available quests and you look at the quests requirements and rewards. From there you select the quest and then decide what level of difficulty you want to do because you can select different challenges and include more party members to help you. The quests are also rated in a star form from hardest to easiest.

When you accept the quest then a quick little action is performed and the quests icon is shown on your character. When you are ready for the quest to being you travel to the select area for the quest. Then y u begin doing the quests requirement such as the one shown in the video has you killing multiple mobs. Each time you kill one you get a quick update on completing that part of your quest, but it may differ based on what quest you are participating in completing in the game.

When you have actually completed the quest you will get a little rift or status beacon shown. You then can interact with it. You just have to click on it and then select the quest panel that is shown in the upper right hand side of the selected object. From there the quest log will pop up and you can not only have the quest completed but you get instantly all the perks that are associated with completing the ffxiv quest. Best of all unlike other games you can now get all your rewards right away because you will be given a way to teleport to a variety of different areas in the game. This is one of the best parts of the new questing system because its much more streamlined than before. In the old final fantasy 11 you would have to run all the back to complete the quest but now you can avoid

Anyways thats a quick little beginners questing guide to final fantasy 14. Enjoy.

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  1. aocvvcephei says:

    So everytime you kill something that annoying music can be heard, can we turn it off?…and if you could jump in this game it would be easyer to get up those terrain walls will they implement jumping like all other games in the market?
    whats up with the circle going round the toons ass when you running?

  2. MrGrog88 says:

    microsoft never stops to amaze me, the expect people to pay $65 for a slightly undated d-pad? they are the greedist assholes on the planet

  3. BoznianBeast says:

    New controller is beast, only kid’s complain about the fucking color change.

  4. MO19916 says:

    fuck we want colors thats why we dumped the old black & tv sets microsoft tried too hard on this one!

  5. emad2222 says:

    NOOOOO don’t get rid of the colored buttons

  6. olveful says:

    White buttons, microsoft just want your money

  7. 4lEC17 says:

    @JonesSoda15 shoulda come with it on release me thinks

  8. romancendejas says:

    @scorpgul he said 65 because it comes with a play and charge.. so i mean it’s better than paying 50 or 60 for a wireless and then paying another 20 for a play and charge right?

  9. JonesSoda15 says:

    So is this new controller going to eventually be with the Xbox360 Slim?

  10. Patawon10 says:

    @xvxpivotxvx LOL so true

  11. Nyetsopp says:


  12. masterchieftan827 says:

    oo shiny xbox guide button lol

  13. lonesierra says:


    Because the D pad is atrocious. They should have fixed it 4 years ago. Looking forward to the new controller.

  14. RoboticOctopus says:

    shiny Dpad is probably a fingerprint magnet, and the face button colors are awful, a 5 year old could have done a better job.

  15. xboxgamer122 says:

    @xvxpivotxvx lol

  16. berserk1768 says:

    Shit I forgot my controller had a d-pad, that thing never gets used. You can personally mod your controller instead of paying MS to do it

  17. Primodummy92 says:

    why do you need to fix things that aren’t broken cant they focus on something else instead we are fine with the normal ones

  18. wonton3397 says:

    @vcpd0523 Yes, but it takes more than it gives. Most people don’t even use the D-Pad much anyway

  19. sniperboy102 says:

    monopoly srslly… $60 i dont even want the charge kit

  20. bcta302 says:


    Wow! I buy a controller with built-in rechargeable battery and a “play and charge USB cable” for only $50 bucks!

  21. zclary923 says:

    No one is forcing you guys to buy these things. If you don’t like it then go buy a PS3 or Wii.

  22. vcpd0523 says:

    Its all about marketing ,Microsoft could of made this controller just like the new xbox 360 years ago. I am sure they actually made some of this stuff a while back and just waited for a time to release it to make top dollar oh let me guess when black ops is out you can get the controller. its all about money and making you think that your controller and xbox isn’t good enough so they come out with a new one. I agree the d pad needed some improvement ..

  23. PoppaSmurf177 says:

    So the d pad gets FIXED and they change the color and now we pay 10 bucks more ?

  24. leonidash15 says:

    Videogames Companies Loves you[r money]

  25. suzenasty says:

    @07duncan17 congrats, on the most faggoty insult rant i’ve seen in my entire life

  26. blueshift314 says:

    too many bitches on youtube whining about stuff these days