Final Fantasy 14 Beginners Leveling Guide

Final Fantasy Beginners Leveling GuideFinal Fantasy 14 Beginners Leveling Guide

FFXIV is in beta right now but in just a few months you’ll get to play the game if you still haven’t been able to. The games official release is going to 9/22 for collectors edition, and on 9/30 if you are getting the basic regular version. The game is very much similar to FFXI, but they have added in a ton of new features to make it even better. Some of the major ones are transportation, easy group finding, more crafting abilities, improved graphics, and best of all a revamping for solo game play.

FFXIV Armoury System

Final fantasy 14 has the ability much like final fantasy 11 that you can switch your jobs, but now you can by simply changing the gear you are wearing. So you can be one second a pugilist then become a thaumaturge and turn into a monster. Or maybe you are bored of fighting and you become a leather worker by just changing your armor. This allows players to stick with only one account and enjoy every class in the game with ease. Something few mmos can say you can do with them.

FFXIV Disciplines

Disciples are basically the classes of final fantasy xiv you can pick between 4 different disciples. war, magic, land, and hand. Each one of these then is broken up into categories. With war you use weapons, so its mainly melee and ranged damage with different weapons in the game. Picking magic of course lets you cast a ton of different in game spells, many you will remember from FFXI and other final fantasy games in the past. With land its considered herbalism and harvesting my many means. You do mining, fishing, ect ect. Finally hand is going to be the equivalent of crafting, but you can do so much more than you could do in previous games. Weaving, cooking, leather working, alchemy, and more.


The races are pretty much the same as FFXI. The world is called eorzea and you multiple races to choose from. Miqo’te (mithra), elezen (elvaan), lalafell (taru-taru), roegadyn (galka), and hyur (Hume). Then once you pick your race you can pick which clan you want to join. They are rivals but many look at them in terms of good and evil.

FFXIV Guildleves

If you want to do a quest in the game then you will select a guildleves. They are split into 3 categories valor, constance, and diligence. You select your guildleves then go out and do a quest thats related to the one you pick. It reminds me a lot of borderlands bounty boards. Its pretty easy to use.

FFXIV Solo Gameplay and Graphics

The solo play is one of the biggest things to be done. With ffxi you had the problem of being forced to quest with friends and if you had none on, or played at odd times then you where stuck with a boring game. This time around they have opened it up more to players that want to play alone. This is a giant plus for many gamers out there that arent very big on the games that force them to party with people. You can still party though for major quests in the game and other ones. Also the graphics seem to be the best for any MMO to date which is great.

WEll hope you enjoyed this final fantasy xiv beginners leveling guide


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