Brady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review Scam or Not

Brady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review ScamBrady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review Scam or Not

Brady games is known for making pretty much all the official released guides for games. However what most people aren’t aware of is the quality of these guides they release. Some times they can be very useful but Brady games has now taken the guide market for mmos and lets look at the collective sc2 Brady games guide and the normal one they have.

The first guide for Brady games is the signature series. This one has all the single player campaign walk through for all missions you can do in the game. It also covers the bonus objectives in the game. You can find special maps that only come with the guide. As well it shows you in picture the locations of units, enemy bases and key spots for the game. If you just wanted to play the single player portion of the game then maybe the guide is for you. Most of this stuff can be found by just searching the net and asking questions.

The normal guide is pretty much the same thing but it doesn’t have as many maps, or special unit information. Id say spend the extra money and get the official guide, but there is one key part missing. With starcraft 2 you normally want to do multiplayer. Brady games in no way helps you at being a better player in the game. They tell you what to do and how to do it so you can get the single player portion of the game done. However if you want to be one of the best players out there you will need to know all the secret moves in the game and how to accomplish them as well.

This is a large problem most people have with Brady games they give you the bare minimum. For example their world of warcraft or aion guides just cover the basics in no way will it help you level faster, give you great quest run downs, or show you the best ways to do things in the game. They give you a glorified instruction manual. Which is unfair to the public. If you just wanted something to read thats fine and if the guide was only 5-10 dollars thats fine too. But they are charging 20+ dollars for premium content and giving you basic information.

Overall i would rate the guide a 10 on single player, but a zero on multiplayer. So overall the guide is only a 5. If you want to actually become a better player you will need a guide like the things they have over at taultunleashed. They give you the best online multiplayer guides, cheats that you shouldn’t be able to do, and hacks to make you even a better player. They don’t mess around when it comes to being the best player out there.

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