Followup – FFXIV Not Very Likely On Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XI 360 Beta

So the other day we ran a story about how final fantasy 14 might be coming to the xbox 360 according to an interview help the other day. However more light was shed in this mystery as to why the 360 was not announced to be a major player for getting final fantasy 14. Apparently it all boils down to the xbox live gold package.

Apparently Square had this to say about the xbox 360s closed system.

“The main reason why we couldn’t go with Xbox 360 was the Xbox Live system,” Hiromichi Tanaka told Eurogamer. “[Live is] different to the normal internet environment, so when we wanted to introduce this game in the same environment as Windows PC it had to be PS3, so that was our choice.”

Microsoft when asked for a statement said they are still working to get the game on their system.

However unless a lot of money is thrown around this is very doubtfully going to happen.

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