Cataclym Talent Trees For Priest, Shaman, Druid, and Rouge

Here is the entire talent tree for world of warcraft cataclym’s rouge, priest, shaman, and druid talents. The video below shows you a quick intro in pictures to what they look like. However on top of that we have the entire talent tree listed for you to enjoy here.

If you want a talent tree that is more user interactive then check out this one.

The first one is a long list in text of all the talents. The second one however is more of a user interactive version where you can first select your class then go from there to find more info. Both of these have all the leaked information so far on the newest talent trees for those 4 classes. Expect many more to be added as the weeks go on and we get closer and closer to the actual release of the game.

Also what do you think of these new talents. Do you agree or disagree with the steps blizzard has taken in revamping the entire gaming environment? Well anyways be sure to share your thoughts with us and look forward to more talent trees coming in shortly.

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