Best Rift Online Beastmaster Tank Build Guide

Best Rift Online Beastmaster Tank Build GuideWhats the best beastmaster tank build guide for rift online thats current out there?

Im looking for a great build for beastmasters in rift online. I cant seem to find very much out there so i thought i would make a post and hopefully someone knows of a good place to find them or knows where they are. I have been looking around in the skill tree and i know that beastmasters can be a great tank but i just need someone to offer me some more insight as to what the best beastmaster guide is in the game. Thanks.

Well to start you should know that a beastmaster is not going to be great for being a tank in the game. Most players think that just because they have pets and some of them serve as a pseudo tank that they will be a great tanking class when it comes to playing in the game, but thats wrong.

The pet is more like that of someone who plays as a ranger of maybe a elementalist in the game. Which means that you use your pet to help distract mobs into attacking them in the game. Then this gives you the chance to actually use your beastmasters true skills to get a killing blow on the mob you are fighting in the game.

Now when it comes to actually finding great builds for rift online you have 2 major options. The first is checking out taultunleashed and viewing their guide section for rift online. They have tons of guides. Or if they don’t have the guide you are after then you can go to the request a guide section of the site and ask other players to share with you their builds they are using in rift online.

Another major thing you should know that when it comes to the beastmaster class things are going to be changing a lot. With the release of the latest patch tons of new tiers of armor have changed everything in the game. Just look at the new tier 2 armor they have coming out and you can see its going to be a major problem in the game.

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