Rift Swimming In The Air Flying Hack

So a brand new major hack has been released in rift online. This hack is actually a flying hack in the game. It allows players to start flying around the game world but in a very odd way. Instead of the normal flying hack that mos mmos have, rift has a counter measure to stop that. However they have not thought of everything and a brand new style of flying hack has been created.

This brand new hack is actually a swimming hack. The way this swimming hack is done is players will fool the game to think they are underwater and they will be able to swim all around. So while you wont be actually flying you will be in the animation that you are swimming.

In order to run this hack all you need to do is simply start rift and login. Then start this hack and enable it. Then if the version of the hack is correct you will have it saying its working. From there you just need to then enable the hack in the game by running it.

When running the hack you will have it bug out at times. Your best bet is to use your keyboard and mouse to properly move around in the game. So be sure on that one that everything is set up correctly.

For a download link click here

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