Rift Free 7 Day Trial Available

Rift 7 Day Free TrialTrion just announced that rift online is going to have a 7 day free trial finally!!

Rift online is by far one of the best MMOs out there. Many have said its the wow killer that came out of no where. The game is extremely well balances. Has lots of end game quests for the hard core fan base, and overall has a great experience that everyone seems to love. The game also is very quick to apply patches to it making the game all the more balanced.

Today May 10th the creators of rift online just released a major patch so everyone can now fully enjoy rift online. They also are adding in major features such as Facebook integration, new 10 person raids, and new dynamic zone events. The zone events are something that wow can not fully utilize because of its age, and something the game guild wars 2 looks to take to the next level.

For anyone hoping to joint he rift 7 day free trail all you need to do is check out this link www.RIFTgame.com/freetrial

Also players can do the ascend a friend program to give their friends a 7 day free trial to the game. If someone pays to join rift then you get a free in game pet companion. If you get 2 friends you get a special hat. If you managed 3 friends you get a new swift ember steed mount in the game. Also you can ascend friends every 30 minutes in the game.

Overall this is a great deal and something all players of rift have been waiting for a very long as the 55 dollar price tag for this MMO has thrown off a ton of potential players to joining rift online.

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