Rift Online Battleground BG Bot Released

Rift Online Battleground BG Bot ReleasedOn a great note the first major battleground bot for rift online was released today. The bot has all the bells and whistles you could need for a basic rift battleground bot.

Setting up the rift battleground anti afk bot might take a little bit longer than people are use to with bots. That’s because the bot seems to be very new and very rough around the edges. The bot will have you actually take the time to set things up such as movements in the game and so forth. Once you have those all down you can run the bot relatively easily.

Keep in mind though this bot is going to be somewhat easy at being detected so be sure to follow the directions given to help your character look as if they are not botting but actually playing the game legit.

This bot will have multiple updates as well as time goes on so be sure to check it out and start enjoying playing rift all the more.

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