Rift Planes of Telara Hacks Security Questions

Rift Planes Of Terra Hack ScamsQuestion by Love RiftRift Planes of Telara Hacks Security Questions
Im interested in hacks for rift online but i know nothing about the hacking community or where to get hacks. Can someone help tell me what are the best hacks for rift online and what each one does in the game. Also what sites should i use and what sites should i avoid for rift hacks.

Best answer:
Well first of lets go through all the major types of rift hacks out there.

– The first major one is going to be a rift speed hack. This hack will allow you to run faster than any player in the game. While it wont let you control how fast you attack as thats server side it can let you run incredibly fast in the game.

– The second is rift teleportation hacks. Rift teleport hacks will allow you to instantly move anywhere in the game. This is done by just selecting the x y and z cords in the game. These cords represent the entire games worlds directions. You can figure out your cords pretty easily then just hit the button to instantly teleport there.

– The third would have to be a rift flying hack. A flying hack basically makes the game thing you are doing a super jump. Then you can control whatever you want while in the air. Its also known as a rift superman hack.

– The fourth would be a rift radar hack. This hack would allow you to see things you should be able to normally in the game. From items off your radar, to players that shouldn’t be visible on your radar. A good radar hack can show everything.

Rift Hack Security

Well when you are using a rift hack you need to figure out what your hack is doing. The majority of hacks out there will inject into the game. This means they are sending information to the game. Such as a speed hack will tell the game that if you are going speed x to increase it to speed x*2. That is a very lamens way of putting it. So when it comes to runes hacks the speed hacks, flying hacks, and teleportation hacks will get you banned. While yes you will be able to use them for a few weeks. Eventually your account WILL BE BANNED> So dont use those hacks at all.

When it comes to a radar hack thats done correctly. Then you are safe. A rift radar hack will just read information the game sends. So lets say rift is sending information saying player A is a few hundred feet away from you but he isnt in radar distance yet because the radar shows only 20 feet. Well then a good radar hack will be a 3rd party program that shows up to 100 feet ahead of you. So then you can now see 5 times farther. Also radars can show invisible players, special items, and more.

Rift Hacking Sites

– Random sites that have hack in the name. These are scams stay away from them.
– Sites that have you download something right away for the hacks. These are scams stay away from them. They probably have a trojan in them.
– Sites that just sell a flying, speed, and teleportation hack. These sites are scams or will get your account banned.

The top two sites out there would have to be the following.

– Taultunleashed.com is pretty great for getting all the latest and greatest rift hacks. They have everything thats out there and you can pick and choose what you want to use. Here is their rift hacks page.

– The next major one would be mmoviper if they decide to release a rift radar hack or rift leveling bot. They have been making bots for over ten years so you know they are some of the best out there. Give them a try.

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