Starcraft 2 Game Breaking Bugs

Starcraft 2 Game Breaking BugsThe first one is with windows 7 64bit. Starcraft does not like 64 bit machines and you can expect to be forced to run the painful auto fixer once a day. It takes a good 20 minutes and is annoying as hell to run. So be for warned about that.

Replaying the game bug. If you beat the game and you for example forget to a do a mission. SUCH AS THE PROTOSS ONES. Well then you are SOL. You have pretty much one of 2 choices. Join a late game that you made before you actually went to char. But that sucks because you have to complete all 3 missions at char in order to beat the game again. Blizzard made a giant mistake doing this. Basically its going to force hard core gamers to play the game all over again instead of just joining certain missions they want for extra perks.

Force closed bug – if you close the game down but a force close (like cntrl+alt+delete) you will be normally forced to reinstall the entire game because starcraft 2 will be corrupted easily. Its painful that a game so well built can have a flaw like this one.

The newest one is the over heating bug. Basically if you keep the game running in the game hub screen (place you do upgrades, pick missions, check out random things), it keeps on rendering the stuff going on and can actually overheat your graphics card. Be careful.

All in all this is pretty good for the release, but blizzard got a little shady how they did the single player campaign in forcing people to play the entire game over again if they want to go from normal to hard to hardcore if they missed anything. Its annoying and unfair to the players that want to just enjoy the challenges and fun of starcraft 2.

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