Starcraft 2 Hacks – What all is out there?

Starcraft 2 Hacks GuideIf you are like most players you always want to win. Well with starcraft 2 hacks you can do just that. The problem with using sc2 hacks is at times you aren’t sure if you are at a site with working hacks or just installing a trojan on your computer to steal your information. Well we will go through the sites to get hacks from and what all is out there currently.

Currently players have found a few major hacks in the game and the first one is the no fog hack. What this hack does is it totally removes the fog of war that most players have to deal with when they start a game. It does this from a a very special hack in the game. When you use the no fog hack it allows you o see everything out there and gives you an extra advantage on your opponent. Because if you know what they are planning on doing you can easily get prepared to stop it.

The second major hack out there is called a sc2 trainer or starcraft 2 bot. The first one allows you to create a custom games and set up different variables. So it will allow you to for example have 5000 minerals instantly in any single player game. This is great because it makes playing your opponent all the easier and helps you to decide what the best strategy there is for winning a match. The second one is a starcraft 2 bot which gives you the ability to let the computer play for you. So for example lets say you build the perfect defense and now you want to know what the next step you should take is going to be. Well you just let this starcraft 2 bot play for you and in turn the game will show you what the best move for any player out there is and how to win.

The final hack out there is going to be actual in game mineral hacks. With these hacks you exploit code in a custom map and in turn use it to your advantage. Example is for tower defense there is a hack out there that allows you to change your damage, change you speed of attack, and change your range. With this you have a giant leg up on the competition because you are piratically in god mode now. You dont have to worry about them being able to fight back at all with this set up.

Now we said earlier we would tell you the best place to find hacks. The majority of sites out there are scams so you need to watch out. What they do is take a working cheat, manipulate it to put a trojan in it, then they offer it for download on their site. Then when you just want an advantage and you check out the site you are instead stuck with malice code on your computer. The only major starcraft 2 hacking site out there is going to be taultunleashed. They have the largest database of starcraft 2 hacks a player could ever need to use.

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