Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide Review / Comparison – Scam or Not?

Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide Review / Comparison - Scam or Not?Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide Review / Comparison – Scam or Not?
Here is a review of starcraft 2 mastery guide. It will help you figure out if the guide is a scam or not and also will give you a comparison versus the number 1 starcraft 2 guide site out there, Taultunleashed. Now you can easily decide which guide you want to go with based on multiple aspects. In this comparison we are going to be looking at what each guide gives you, what the credentials of the sites are, how long the sites have been around, what perks you get for joining, and how much it costs to join. After reading the following you should be able to decide what site is the best when it comes to your starcraft 2 gaming style and helping you become a starcraft 2 master in the game.

Review of Cataclysm Gold Secrets Guide
– This guide gives you 1v1, 2v2, build orders, hot key tricks, and weakness for all races.
– The author has been playing since beta.
– The guide shows you how to things via pdf guides and videos.
– This site has been around since june 2010 and says to give you updates for life.
– With this site you get no extra guides.
– This guide costs 37 dollars.
Cataclysm Gold Secrets Guide Final Score 6 out of 10

Review of TaultUnleashed
– This guides gives you all of the above plus sc2 bots, cheats, exploits, hacks, and other guides.
– This site has tons of starcraft 2 members that have been playing since beta.
– Taultunleashed shows you how to do things from guides, videos, forum posts, pdfs, live chat, and more.
– The taultunleashed company has been around since 2001 and is updated daily with new information.
– You get Starcraft 2 bots, hacks, leveling guides, macros, question guides, access to, and access to all supported games.
– This site you can join for 8.99 , and join for free by sharing information.
Taultunleashed Final Score 9 out of 10

Well i hope that gives you a good idea where you should go when it comes to getting all your starcraft 2 guides. Whether it be rushing guides, strategy guides, mineral guides, or whatever type of guide it is you can now know where to get it and whats the best. Also feel free to keep checking back at for new things relating to sc2 in how we can help you with your sc2 strategy guides, exploits, and more.

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