Starcraft 2 – 1 Battle cruiser vs 13 Marines

Here is a guide showing how strong a battle cruiser is and how many marines it takes to kill one.  You first of all need to have your marines with their shield upgrades on.  The marines should be 650 minerals to make.  This does not include the 150 for minerals and 150 for gas requires to upgrade their shields.  The battle cruiser on the other hand requires 400 minerals and 300 gas.

The point of this video is to show the cost efficiency of using a battle cruiser versus marines.  The overall cost for gas and minerals is 700 for the battlecruiser and 650 for the marines.  While the battle cruiser has the ability to fly the marines have the ability to focus multiple targets at once which helps them as well.  The battlecruiser however will keep doing the same damage until all its hp is gone.  While the marines will do less and less damage for everyone that is killed.  Also have a fleet of 10 battlecruisers is much easier to manage than a fleet of 130 marines.

So overall it shows that while marines can be useful in large numbers a good setup of battlecruisers is the best bet.  This does not even account for the extra perks battle cruisers have to kill units.

Well thats the whole little video.  You can decide on what you think is best, but it shows you how for costs most all units do the same damage and it helps keep the game balances from a player using tier 1 to tier 3 items.
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50 Responses to “Starcraft 2 – 1 Battle cruiser vs 13 Marines”

  1. OcelotDAD says:

    @SnarfTheHoovySlayer lies

  2. Kelgrafar says:

    @GamerSourceNetwork Armor upgrades would help the Battle Cruiser more than the Marines, and attack visa versa. Upgrading both armor and attack would counter the difference, but I don’t think that’s what TheStealthFire meant.

  3. deathbyzergling says:

    Keep in mind, you have to tech. On the other hand, that battlecruiser had zero upgrades. Even one armor upgrade would have made it win.

  4. johnnyk617 says:

    what about stimpacks and shields?? probly like 10 marines i bet

  5. SnarfTheHoovySlayer says:

    @massdestruction97 Except 2 tanks are still much better than the cruiser and more efficient and faster. Even go to top tier diamond league players like gretorp and ask, he will tell you battlecruisers are trash.

  6. massdestruction97 says:

    @Ronald3570 Of course, in macro games, building up a sufficient army of carriers makes a mothership must have, in order to kill it, you first have to reach it. I guarantee you, if this is PvT, terran will lose at least 2 BCs trying to kill the MS (with good micro, keeping it away from the nearest BC, but still cloaking the furthest carrier). Then the graviton catapult should clean up the mess (keep in mind after the MS goes down you must use hit and run:)

  7. massdestruction97 says:

    @MiguelGalit I’m sure the Yamato can’t touch the carrier! Or even some vikings combined with marines. Believe me, sending a naked BC without yamato after a carrier is not the thing I’ll do. Nor anyone else decent SC2 player. But thats not the case. I prefer to beat the crap out of the protoss with an early to mid MMM. With all due respect, a “pro” gamer like I believe you aren’t, wouldn’t talk bullshit like that.

  8. massdestruction97 says:

    @SnarfTheHoovySlayer Of course, but when bought, even 3 of them can bring the enemy forces down (with some backups). Especially in mid and late game, try using MMM as a cover strategy and, if your macro is good, save money for 3 or 4. It works quite well :).

  9. Ronald3570 says:

    @massdestruction97 true, it dies quicker than a paper airplane but it substantially turns the battle more and more in your favor the longers its alive. its best to only invest in it if you’re going for the kill in your next attack. and plus you can use vortex on the anti air units to increase its lifespan.

  10. SnarfTheHoovySlayer says:

    @massdestruction97 You do realize that they are incredibly expensive have a low damage output and die really quickly right? They are worthless and the only time a top tier player uses battlecruisers is for a joke.

  11. MiguelGalit says:

    @massdestruction97 ha! you dont know how to use carrier… i changed my mind… carriers can run away while damaging a battlecruiser… so it means that a battlecruiser cant touch a carrier… did you know that? Im gonna upload a video tommorow… AND IM GONNA TELL YOU THAT YOU SUCK ON STARCRAFT 2!

  12. massdestruction97 says:

    @SnarfTheHoovySlayer Worthless? No one is gonna send one vs 13 on hostile territory(at least you can use the terrain advantage) and then wait to be brought down. I recommend you to see how a BC rush with several battlecruisers wipes an entire zerg base.

  13. massdestruction97 says:

    @Ronald3570 The mothership is a piece of sh*t which can be brought down even by a BC without yamato. Not that it doesn’t make a good combination with carriers, but it will become the enemy priority target and costs more than a carrier.

  14. massdestruction97 says:

    @MiguelGalit There’s a video showing a carrier RAPED by a BC, stop talking shit like that.

  15. mofogie says:

    doesnt account for micromanagement of marines, or synergy with other units like medivac.

  16. Ronald3570 says:

    @treenahunter carrier’s are far from worthless, you just cant use them by themselves and you have to know what you’re doing. a really good combination is carriers under a mothership. the carriers will be cloaked, but the ships attacking the enemy will still be uncloaked and draws their fire away from the mothership. then if you have a solid protoss army ontop of all that then its gonna be pretty hard to fend off that attack.

  17. eyesack9 says:

    Not worth it.. You can just make 2 battle cruisers lmfao

  18. treenahunter says:

    worthless ??? try carrier they are worthless but bc arent they can deal heavy dmg sure they are worthless if you dont combinate them with raven or anything else.

    I play zerg and know how hard it can be to fight against only 3 BC and some other stuff like mmm thats devostating. cause how i said they deal heavy

  19. SnarfTheHoovySlayer says:

    @Audiocrazed still battlecruisers are pretty worthless. Ask gretorp, one of the best terran players out right now.

  20. TwiceKnightly30 says:

    @Anonymous247n … A Baker’s Dozen 😀

  21. Audiocrazed says:

    come on they barely won

  22. Anonymous247n says:

    So a dozen dudes with rifles can shoot down a spaceship…

  23. slimbullet96 says:

    Just like the marines, battlecruisers strive in numbers.

  24. bornkilla123 says:

    Not much of a herocruiser.

  25. blahoho says:

    If you had Stim Pack I bet it’d be even better.

  26. MW2Ghost100 says:

    LOLOLOL u suck i dont even play zerg and u suck man PROTOSS FTW 🙂

  27. notorealID says:

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  28. Wortcraft says:

    I like the part where they said “We require more minerals.”

  29. Greeneyebribe96 says:

    @Rurikar Yo he won anyways so calm your tits man.

  30. psb1964 says:

    we require more minerals. we require more minerals

  31. Jimmyl2spell says:

    omggg it’s rurikar from unforgotten realms 😀

  32. IAMZERG says:

    great queen and drone micro… especially nice since this was your first time as zerg. I woulda gotten my ass handed to me. Gotta love the trolls….

  33. EddyMcK says:

    Iif you waited that long to build a spawning pool in the original a good protoss could have 2-3 zealots by then too…..

    I usually pump mine out before i get another ovy…..

  34. chriserz94 says:

    @Hegemon54 YOU PWNED RURIKAR CYberHAXo4441!!!!

  35. NarutoUzumachi97 says:

    and the winner is ………… ME ^^ nice hegemon i wish to play sc2 too but says not enough ram -.-

  36. TicklesMeSillyYou says:

    wut a nub.

  37. chromakey84 says:

    it looks the fucking same!!! nothing i have seen justifies it taking soo fucking long.. blizz you fail

  38. UberOcelot says:

    why does it look so colorful???? COLOR SATURATION FTW!!!!

  39. DUALFACE says:

    That was interesting. Did the Protoss player DC? Because he was doing good with the pressure right there. I mean you were doing really well with fending him off too. Excellent micro with the drones/queen. But I was really confused at the end there, why he quit?

  40. Solereaper21 says:

    @CaptinTrips well there name was nick. But seriously yeah, although you dont know what they were doing they may have had to leave for some reason that they didnt know was going to happen. For example mabey someone drove into their house idk

  41. Hegemon54 says:

    @Rurikar first off, this was the first week of beta so dont tell me i was terrible dumbass. second, you have no idea how powerful proxy gateway was that early on and my eco was not fucked because i only lost a few dones and he went 6 probe gateway so i was alot better off them him, all i had to do was counter and hed be fucked. think before you speak kthx

  42. Rurikar says:

    Why even post this? You were terrible, the second you saw that early zealot you should have made two spine crawlers but you instead opted for make OVERlords to make ZERGLINGS.

    Good thing he quit because your eco was wrecked.

  43. SleepyheadMedia says:

    what screen recorder are you useing?

  44. archacon42 says:

    This keeps happening to me. How do you counter this?

  45. Ynell says:

    I love how the “pro” players try to get their APM as high as possible and end up wasting time doing so much useless clicks.



  46. jaroncyr says:

    i like how this guy keeps smashing on the drone button when he has 5 minerals, PRO!!

  47. zirius89 says:

    Got a Beta key too…this game is so kick ass. 😀

    Best Strategy Game since Wc3 for sure. 🙂

  48. ShadowKnife says:

    you had your drones off minerals the whole rush, he would of had more minerals than you even with fail rush

  49. Damanism says:

    atleats one cspine colony against toss i guess

  50. Canuma1o23 says:

    @BrenBawks bet on eBay for it.