Starcraft 2 Report

Starcraft 2 ReportStarcraft 2 reports also known as battle reports give players an inside look to some of the games top players competing. These games at first just showed the development teams for blizzard playing against each other to give others an insight as to what the game was going to be like, but it soon took on a style of its own.

At first players mocked the over hyped style for battle reports. It seemed like something no one could enjoy easily and was just going to be an over done, under skilled, badly commentated video. However for some reason it worked. Maybe it was how quick pace starcraft 2 games where, or how quickly things happen in the game. Well no matter the reason it was a hit and people caught on quickly.

The battle reports expanded from just the development team to now staff at other sites. Major sites like ign got a hold of early starcraft 2 beta copies and began making their own sc2 reports (sc2 battle reports). These had a giant positive impact and now normal players began using these.

Blizzard hasn’t stated if they plan to use these fro major tournaments that are soon to follow with the upcoming release of sc2, but you can only wonder. Imagine watching some of the worlds best players using this new style of battle report. If you can get a good enough announcer, there is a chance that starcraft 2 could gain its own little niche in the gaming world that makes videos like these a recurring theme. Just remember once things get to big they can crash easily.

We have all seen what happens when major companies like ESPN get a hold of things and over do them. I know this isn’t game related but if you watch previous annoucements from them in the past on gaming it can be almost painful to watch. They get someone that has a decent voice, knows a little about gaming, and they expect them to give the same excitement to a player that lives, eats, and breaths this game. Its a mockery of all things in the world of gaming.

Well be sure to check out some battle reports to get a feel for how these work and why they are going to be a big things very soon.

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