StarCraft 2 Exploit – Zerg with Battlecruisers and Carriers

Here is an amazing exploit for starcraft 2 that allows your zerg class to use battle cruisers and carriers. Now some people might say this is game mechanics but there have been arguments that the zerg should not be able to take control of units like this. Basically the cheat is going to have your zerg infestor which has the ability to take over enemy units (mind control), use it on a svc or drone.

Then you just use them to build a nexus or command center. Keep in mind it can be pretty painful using a SVC based on how they always seem to break the mind control and go off to do their own thing. Once you get the command center or nexus built you just go your normal path for building up to get battlecruisers and protoss carriers. Remember that it can take some time but in the video you can see a mothership protecting 4 battle cruisers, 4 carriers, and 4 ultralisks. Its pretty much unstoppable.

Now the arguement to this is you are suppose to do this or is it a bug in the game. Some players have been saying this is intentional just like they had in starcraft 1. However there has been a lot of uproar how players should not be able to actually build enemy structures but merely mind controlling a drone or SVC. What do you think about this?

Is it just the game playing like it should (which is giving the zerg a giant boost for winning with something so easily to do)?

Or is it an exploit in the game that blizzard is yet to patch and should be taken care of asap?

Well we will let you decide but never the less we did include a nice little video for you to watch that shows it in actions and how easy it is to do. Just imagine how great this will be when playing the zerg single player campaign. Also this seems WAY easier than the old method in starcraft 1 where you had to infest an entire building just to take it over that could be a pain to do at times.

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25 Responses to “StarCraft 2 Exploit – Zerg with Battlecruisers and Carriers”

  1. Strahoz says:

    @MrJr1302 thats a guy with a name Computer 2 lol

  2. MrJr1302 says:

    3:20 DID THE COMPUTER JUST SAY GG?????!!!!!!!!

  3. Wwhat357 says:

    Yay! Benny Hill! It just got humorous.

  4. iTakeLaxitives says:

    2:36 – Get back over here D:<

  5. halranger says:

    talk about worker abuse………..

  6. MrRobykanobie says:

    it sucks
    there’s no separate food like sc1

  7. Audiocrazed says:


  8. Hutcarlingos says:

    poor SCV

  9. adrianehm says:

    Neural Parasite is just a nerfed version of the dark archons mind control back in sc1

  10. NinjaintheWindow says:

    lol, cloaked ultralisks ftw

  11. Shotoran says:

    @captainmuon now you cant mind control air…
    still work indefinitly

  12. Flamingo7777777 says:


  13. captainmuon says:

    Neural parasite can mind control INDEFINITELY ALL UNITS (including motherships, etc.) based on the latest patch. Though it now requires a research and the energy cost is doubled.

  14. wamyx8Nz says:

    If you neural parasite a worker can you build a base of that race like you could with mind controlling a worker in brood war?

  15. et5555yang says:

    Mind controling ability countering hero-esque units. I fear for my life. Thank God there’ll be a strong UMS community backing up SC2 and a hardcore community backing up Esport.

  16. 13JunkYarDog13 says:


  17. czadaCZADAczada says:

    why no brood lords?? D:

  18. MrJake0620 says:

    that was awesome!! but I do think that blizz is gonna nerf that, cuz it just doesn’t mix with the storyline, how the crap would kerri control bcs and carriers when all she has for controling her units is overlords??

  19. MrSharo21 says:

    be good if the toss had the dark archon back..its carriers and battlecruisers galore with an extra side dish of 500 zerglings

  20. MrSharo21 says:

    not everybody has a rig like yours bitch

  21. MrDKH says:

    You could do this in SC1, much easier as well! Why are you complaining?

  22. LeordRedhammer says:

    @gentlenoiz My screen at work 🙂

  23. gentlenoiz says:

    Who plays in this format?! .c’mon.. 4:3 ?.. Dude, change the resolusion on 16:9

  24. Pulsout says:

    its not an exploit you could do the same thing in SC1 actually it was alot easier, because mindcontrol worked indefinitely

  25. ElvinDragonLord says:

    hmm, once again all the races share 1 supply limit, so u cant get 600/600 any more 🙁