Starcraft 2 Terran Lift Off Bunker Rushing Guide

So we are going to give a little more insight for the terran vs terran lift off marine rush and if it works. So the point of this rush is basically you put your marines right next to your opponents and build a bunker so you can kill him relatively easily. First of all when you are doing this rush you have to make sure its on a map where you have a mineral field near your opponent and you know where they are going to spawn (you might have to search with an scv to find out).

Now you build right next to him and start massing marines. Also you build as fast as you can a bunker right next to their base. The point of this is you are going to distract their scvs so they will stop harvesting minerals and start trying to stop you. If you are lucky to get a bunker built thats great because it will take the scvs awhile to break it down. If you dont get one built keep trying to and right before its destroyed cancel it and try building a new one to help keep your minerals.

Then you keep bringing on in your marines to keep the pressure on them and since they will be attacking you with their marines just pop them in a bunker. Bring over one or 2 scvs and repair your current bunker and build a new one.

If you put enough pressure on them they wont be gaining enough minerals to keep up with and you should have a bunker full of marines which they have no way to stop. The game will end quickly and youll have another win under your belt. Keep in mind by doing this your going to make someone pretty made and wont get a good game normally when playing this style. However a win is still a win so enjoy it.

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  1. bombadecasa says:

    @VVC919 Duh I changed. it cause it was wrong. Why keep up something that is wrong? But whatever have fun with your right hand.

  2. VVC919 says:

    haha you wrote a comment first where you said it costet gas..
    Now you changed it..
    Hahah… If you know i dont have a life?
    Then you must be stalking me? that means you have got no life AT ALL?

  3. bombadecasa says:

    @VVC919 LOL FAIL at least I have a life, get one yourself.

  4. VVC919 says:

    @bombadecasa LOL FAIL!
    Orbital command doesnt need vespene gas…. you fail

  5. bombadecasa says:

    and btw how the fuck did you get an orbital command with no gas?

  6. bombadecasa says:

    YOu got lucky with this one, usually the immediate lift off to high yield always fails

  7. CaseyK1982 says:

    That blue terran is TERRIBLE. He had NO buildings by the time red landed, built a rax and rushed him…he just went right to Comsat station..WTF? I’d like to see this work against any decent terran..

  8. ingainloggningsnamn says:

    rofl what kind of shitnoob are you?
    that strategy has NEVER worked against me :S

  9. TyrantSC2 says:

    Zomg the video is a good idea, but what’s with the music and the 35 second into?

  10. Ketroc21 says:

    I wonder if the high yield makes up for having no mining in the first minute and 2 less mineral patches to mine from. I have a feeling you can get a similar marine count from your original base. This strat is very all-in too, as high yield bases dry out fast

  11. hotshot3434 says:

    cheap ass stratagy
    works though 😛

  12. Jakeusprime says:

    Cool strats, horrible music

  13. soundsfromthestreet says:

    @fo0liner1985 i dont think it would make a difference for terran since u can load up scvs in the CC and lift off

  14. soundsfromthestreet says:

    cool vid, gay ass music

  15. JumpingJackrat says:

    What recording program do you use? 😮

  16. sunra22 says:

    @fo0liner1985 Well, you can always scout the high yields from the watchtowers 😀

  17. ThyDoogie says:

    Yay 🙂

  18. fo0liner1985 says:

    blizzard should really put destructable rocks on each and every goldmineral spots its scoutable *alast when u see ur enemy is on none if the 1-3 spots possible and it only works on sertain maps but its still almost a freewin strat wich makes it pretty cheap.. almost like the old 4 pool sc 1.07 i think it was.. xD 150 minerals for pool “priceless”

  19. Balgore8 says:

    Nice strat man.

  20. serano65 says:

    aots turned me on to this guy I think he should do one for them tumbs up if you agree

  21. th3m0vingshad0w says:


  22. ILFMFilms says:

    @Xyleques he totally should..

  23. Xyleques says:

    can you pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase make a tribute to the TV show 24, now that its over we need a great remix to remember it by! and you are the best to do that.

  24. Satashi26 says:

    Truly epic. Great job!

  25. thetealeafXO says:

    You should totally do a Bayonetta remix!! The music is awesome in that already so you could make it even more awesome!

  26. GermanGameTipps says:

    harry potter!

  27. hhpainting33 says:

    play starcraft 2 online for free! – /watch?v=zhCjjSOl4sQ

  28. SirBser says:

    Remix Diablo 2 LOD or Diablo 3 (i think there are some advertisement videos you can use.)

  29. jonathaner481 says:

    remix of your remixes

  30. Xenopredator55 says:

    do aliens or predators

  31. SpectacularCheese says:

    0:52 – 0:54 is soooo epic

  32. waronez says:

    I wanna see its always sunny in Philadelphia remix for the episode called: the gang dances their asses off.

  33. joolz1988 says:

    remix THIS : /watch?v=uE-1RPDqJAY
    or rather make it more epic than it is already 😀

  34. DiN0x33 says:

    0:00-0:23 is epic kerrigan is hot

  35. Dex443 says:

    harry potter :)!

  36. Zaxdar says:

    24 Terrans disliked this video

  37. xMoreTx says:

    I would suggest remixing the Portal 2 trailer… or some ingame footage.. I think its going to be epic.

  38. NE0sander says:

    Make a remix of matrix

  39. narutorockz999 says:

    sorry at 1:22 you ran out of pylons, had to stop watching

  40. dvirxm says:

    not enough minerals…. awesome!

  41. jamminjago says:

    Kerrigan was on a orbital space station, not some dusty planet, I call shenanigans.

  42. drumgon says:

    Kingdom hearts remix.

  43. scrulez111 says:

    how bout that evac relms?

  44. Skunky347 says:

    My fave!!!!! SPONGEBOB!!!!!