Starcraft 2 Terrans History and Lore Recap

Starcraft 2 Terran History and Lore RecapWhere you an avid starcraft 1 fan? Are you curious about the lore, rankings, and hierarchy of the entire starcraft 2 world. Are you curious about the whole lore and ranking in starcraft 2. For example are we going to deal with the same people from starcraft 1? Whats going on with the confederacy and the new worlds? What happened to Jim Raynor. Who is the queen of blades and what has happened to her? Well here is what we know with the Terrans.

As for the confederacy they are still going to play a major role in the second game. In the first game the confederacy started out pretty civil to some but they slowly grow way out of control. The confederacy at the end of starcraft 1 and the expansion seemed to be the leader of the Terran society. Many have put them on par with the empire from star wars in how powerful they have become and how a few factions are still fighting them. It seems they are more powerful than ever and probably going to take the role of something along the lines of the umbrella corporation. IE they have become so evil and fixated with power that they will do anything needed to help them take over the entire universe even at the cost of their own peoples lives.

Jim Raynor was a in the first game a ousted commander that at first was helping a rebel group trying to stop the confederacy. However as the game in sc1 continued you found out rebel group he was working for become just as power hungry as the confederacy which made Jim Raynor leave them as well. Now he has his own rebel group trying to not only fight the ever growing power of the confederacy but attempting to fight off the other factions as well that label him a betrayer. With starcraft 2 you will be taking control of Jim Raynor once again and helping him on his mission to save the Terran race. That’s not saying that you might not take control of the confederacy or take on other factions in the game. But we can safely assume that playing as Raynor in starcraft 2 is going to be a big part in the game.

The queen of blades is was actually Sarah Kerrigan. A extra strong Terran psychic that was working for the Terrans to help in their war against the Zerg. She however was eventually captured by the Zerg and turned into a hybrid under the control of the hive mind, and now called the Queen of Blades. What the Zerg wasn’t aware of that when the hive mind was weakened and the Zerg seemed to be breaking into factions Kerrigan took control as the new hive mind queen. We also know the queen of blades is back again. Its not 100% sure if she is going to be in total control of the Zerg or just part of it. More than likely the Zerg has split up into more factions and she is controlling one of the major factions of the Zerg horde. She probably is going to be the major focus of the Zerg through all 3 games and might die in the last one or be taken over by a new Zerg hive mind.

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