Starcraft 2 HD Video Site Rankings

So many people have been wondering what the best place is for you to watch HD videos of SC2? Well we are going to give you a nice little recap of all the major video sites and how they compare for watching all your starcraft 2 beta and normal gameplay videos. Because frankly when it comes down to it would you rather watch starcraft 2 normally or watch starcraft 2 in amazing HD?

So the first site is going to be the most popular. That site is youtube. While youtube is the biggest it also has some of the best bandwidth for watching videos. Youtube recently even made the highest possible ability of HD out there which no other site has been able to do. Also whats nice is how quickly you can upload videos to youtube if you create your own. The last thing that gives them a giant perk for starcraft 2 HD videos is they don’t have really any ads you have to deal with which is great. I give them a 8 out of 10 just because sometimes youtube videos lag when its not on their own site.

The next major starcraft 2 HD site is veoh which has a good quality feed. The downside to veoh is it takes forever for videos to start most of the time. I think its due to them having to many things going on in every page for it to load or they have some back end work they need to make their stuff play correctly. I’m going to give them a 7 out of ten due to them having nice graphics.

K next is gametrailers for SC2 HD videos. I am not a fan of them because they always have horrible bandwidth problems. They don’t play very well with all browsers and the audio gets out of sync easily. Also they have a problem with ads and their videos as at times they go over the video. The best way to help the site is with ad block plus and then the site is manageable. They are trying to get far too much money for the videos. I recommend staying away from them. Rating 4 out of 10.

Next is going to be IGN. IGN is pretty good when it comes to playing videos. However they are not updated enough and they are behind a few days for new videos. They would be way up there if they had more o fa selection and updated more but they seem to slack off and jump on the bandwagon a few days later. Rating 5 out of 10.

There are the top 4 sites out there. You have other ones like metacafe but the streaming quality i don’t normally consider to be high enough so i just went with those. So if you are after starcraft 2 videos at least now you have a little be insight as to where you should be watching.

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