SWTOR Weekly Cheats Roundup

Instead of forcing players to waste time trying to know whats new in the world of cheating for games we will give roundup on different games for new cheats, bots, hacks, exploits, and more. This is the latest cheats roundup for SWTOR. We do not expect players to explain the cheats but we would like players to start sharing new cheats they have found in the game. Anyways here is the latest SWTOR cheats and whats going on with the,.

SWTOR Credit Farming Guides – This guide shows players some nice tricks to help them when it come sto farming in game credits.

SWTOR Jumping Bug – Learn how to jump extra high. This is great for reaching new areas for exploration, getting perches for bots, or helping get the drop on other players for pvp.

SWTOR Auto attack trick – Small trick for helping you attack automatically in stead of clicking over and over if a move doesnt work in the game.

SWTOR Farming Bug – An easy way to get some extra credits in the game. Its mainly for new players but still great for a giant boost of early in game credits.

SWTOR Dupe – I believe this has been fixed but this dupe allowed players to actually get multiple credits and rewards from completing missions. There are sure to be some more variations of it released.

Those are last weeks major SWTOR Cheats. Be sure to keep checking them out for more.

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