Cataclysm Adds Auto Quest Technology

Cataclysm Auto Questing TechnologyWorld of warcraft is doing something brand new this time around with world of warcraft cataclysm. In the old system for mmorpgs. A player would go out and talk to a NPC in a town or somewhere else. Then they would complete the quest given to them, but finding an item, killing a mob, or something else.

Now with the new system blizzard has somewhat of a daisy chain going on. In a recent interview with G4 TV they announced that cataclysm will have “Auto Questing Technology.”

This will allow players to “”in the field and immediately start a new quest.”

Basically in a nut shell lets say you do a quest to kill x mobs. Normally when you finished the quest you would have to run all the way back to the NPC then he would give you the next quest. Well with this new tech you will be allowed to auto complete the quest and go on to do the next part of it. This is great for quests with multiple parts, and this allows players to skip the downtime they have for running.

Blizzard is putting A LOT of effort in revamping the 1-60 questing of world of warcraft. Many players agree that the best part of wow was going from 1-60. Well then when you hit end game it stalls because all you have is battlegrounds, PVP, or end game loot. These become very tedious very quickly.

Blizzard is banking that with this new questing ability players will enjoy doing their 1-60 quests with one race that they will want to do it all over again with another race. All in all this will make people want to stay in the game longer and have more fun doing quests.

The odd question is why haven’t more games done this in the past. The ability to auto complete a quest in an area and continue on to the next part is a great idea. Some games have things like this to a degree, and we still don’t know exactly how this is going to pan out.

For example do you get the rewards right away as well or are you just allowed to go onto the next section and when you finally talk to the NPC you get all the rewards.

Well here’s hoping the best.

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