Cataclysm Private Server Hack

Here is a world of warcraft cataclysm private server hack showing a user actually going into a cataclysm server and playing as a worgen. The hack is how he is able to play the game easily are a worgen which most people didnt think was actually in the private servers for world of warcraft cataclysm just yet.

In the start of the video you can see the player in the character log in screen and showing off the worgen character creation screen and all the different variations you can play as a world of warcraft worgen in this cataclysm private server hack.

The user then logs into the game and starts showing off different moves the worgen has at their disposal. Such as being able to transform from a human toon to a worgen toon. He then starts buying different stuff in the game so you can see what the worgen look like when they have different weapons equipped on them and some skills.

I wish when you where a worgen with a weapon it would be held different than as a human toon because it just seems like a model edit and not as if its a totally different type of race you are switching into. But we cant have everything we want in the game. However what is pretty awesome is when a worgen has weapons not active you can see them on their back such as in the video you see him with the 2 giant swords on his back. I think i know what they are but im not going to take a guess and be wrong.

If you are looking at ways to create your own world of warcraft private server we have some areas under out wowcc (world of warcraft cataclysm) private serve area on the left of the screen.

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22 Responses to “Cataclysm Private Server Hack”

  1. crazymanatend says:

    @QpadPanel to let you know you can be a human if you want as a worgen you can change between the two

  2. MrKrasbastian says:

    @QpadPanel is not facke they look like a human but they can be to worgan

  3. FaTaLcHeMiCaL says:

    @QpadPanel you have to use a racial ability to turn into a worgen watch the rest of the video cock sucker

  4. QpadPanel says:

    haha! lol…facke! just look..he make a worgen and log in on him but he come on a human! so fackE!

  5. Drazinz says:

    Worgen istead of human? or both?

  6. FaTaLcHeMiCaL says:

    @armywowx does that mean fake cause its not

  7. armywowx says:

    this is soo fack

  8. TheBruushaan says:

    whats the name of the song?

  9. bignerd21 says:

    those weapons u had where do you get em in retail? if its from a raid what raid

  10. erazlle says:

    nice song whats it called?

  11. FaTaLcHeMiCaL says:

    @ccorgalomm and im sure i dont like ur type of music 😛

  12. ccorgalomm says:

    fuuu music is shit >.<

  13. DesertSmeagle says:

    ok. worgen warrior warlock or rogue? only ones i dnt hav

  14. MourneOne says:

    Finally someone who DOES know how to make a Worgen look.

  15. Unholy4283 says:

    Infinite-wow is a good cata server

  16. ViktorFr1 says:

    infitine wow haha got it xD its offline

  17. ViktorFr1 says:

    if its not, give me link to see this server prove it to me that is not nax

  18. FaTaLcHeMiCaL says:

    @ViktorFr1 I can tell you one thing its not naxx p that server is garbage in many ways xD

  19. ViktorFr1 says:

    this is naxxx server, game is fucking shit everything is bugged cant normally play, speacialli worgens, and goblins, orgrimar too no NPC’s goblin rogue bugged everything 100% no skills cant chat and yer ….

  20. ViktorFr1 says:

    what the server link omfg !!!!!!!!!!! tell me or i fuckin kill u and rip ur head off lol jks

  21. Tyhariokas says:

    link the servers website

  22. Drummerofwow says:

    Wow.. this is pretty nice… you should get me in this.. 😛