Should i play wow now or wait for wow cataclysm?

Should i play wow now or wait for wow cataclysm?Should I start playing WoW again even though Cataclysm is coming out soon?
So i know world of warcraft cataclysm is right behind the door and i know that the entire landscape is going to change in the game. The big question is should i make an account now or wait for wow cataclysm to come out? I want to check out the outlands before they are officially changed but is that pointless since everything will be different?


I think blizzard did pretty well convincing everyone that things are going to change when the new world of warcraft comes out, however a lot of it is going to remain the same. Yes things will be largely different in some areas but in some its just going to have some artwork changed its not going to be 100% different. Id say in total you are looking around 30-50% different in the landscape and content in the game so its nothing to end the game over.

Also there is no reason not to start playing now. The game will have changes yes but you still will get to know the layout of the new lands. A lot of cool new things where added in the wrath of the lich king and since you stopped at the burning crusade you will still need to get all those things down.

It would be your best move i think to start playing the game right away. That way when cataclysm comes out you will not be forced to spend all your time learning the ropes of wrath of the lich king changes, and wow cataclysm. Because knowing all that when the game is first released would suck because while everyone is going off and enjoying the awesome new cataclysm features you will be stuck just learning the ropes for the past year.

I think that gives a pretty good idea as to what you should do to get ready for world of warcraft cataclysm is you havent played the game in awhile. Also be sure to check out taultunleashed for all the latest world of warcraft cataclysm news going on and also the largest site for mmorpg cheats hacks guides and more.

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  1. brad p says:

    email blizzard or call them with your info they will unhack your account and restore your characters and you will have burninc crusade, u will not need to start over
    i sugest calling it takes a while but it gets shit done 100% faster