WoW Cataclysm Leveling Guide

WoW Cataclysm Leveling GuidesWow Cataclysm Leveling Guide

If you are a returning wow player or a brand new player to world of warcraft you are going to want a world of warcraft cataclysm leveling guide. A cataclysm leveling guide will make all the difference when it comes to how long you are going to wait for hitting the amazing end game content.

WOW Cataclysm is the newest expansion for the world of warcraft. The old dragon has come and attacked azeroth changing almost the entire landscape. New foes have some about, new races are here, and new adventures are to be had.

Cataclysm Level Cap

This time around the level cap is being moved to level 85. This is most likely because blizzard plans on the level cap being 100 for the next expansion and this time around they can focus more on the 1-60 leveling aspect for the game as they have recently said. Also remember going from level 80-85 is going to be a giant jump. Its going to be much harder from 80-85 than from 75-80.

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New Cataclysm Classes

While blizzard did not added really any new classes they did add a bunch of new races and the ability for old races to become new classes. The entire class list is as follow.

* Human Hunter
* Orc Mage
* Night Elf Mage
* Dwarf Mage
* Blood Elf Warrior
* Dwarf Shaman
* Undead Hunter
* Tauren Paladin
* Tauren Priest
* Gnome Priest
* Troll Druid

New Cataclysm Races

With the latest expansion you can now play as the goblins on the Horde side and the Worgen (werewolves) if you are playing the alliance side.


Now you know what you are up against. A brand new landscape changed by an old foe. New races for you to play. Changes to the old classes. Also much much more. With a great leveling guide you are going to know where to go first in the game. What mobs you need to find first. Also you wont have to worry about making a giant mistake when you are trying to leveling your new toon or current toons. Because there is nothing worse then spending countless hours or days playing a game only to find out you did a few steps wrong and now your character will forever not be the best. You are going to be second place. So when you are questing you will be picked last for groups. When you are pking players multiple levels lower than you can kill you. Overall your total enjoyment will be ruined from making just a few mistakes. So be sure to check out for great wow cataclysm updates and guides.

Download Zygor’s Cataclysm Leveling Guide (latest version)

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