Starcraft 2 Infinite Minerals | Money Hack

Here is an awesome cheat for how you can have infinite amounts of money in starcraft 2 game of tower defense.  While this seems to only work playing tower defense right now.  This is a great sign that the game will have other bugs in it so for anyone that wants to cheat in the game.

Well without further waiting here is how you do the cheat in the game.

1) Wait for your stats on any of your turrets to hit 5 Maximum.
2) Pause the game.
3) Hit the tab button until you get three plus (+) sign boxes (these are for upgrading a stat) that are highlighted.
4) Max sure your upgrade button belongs to a max stat.
5) Now when you have the upgrade plus symbol highlighted with a yellow box hit the space bar/
6) If you did this correctly the term max will change to one of the following [i] [NN%] [0]
7) Your cash value will change to NN Which is invincibility.
8) Make sure you keep pressing tab as a trick to make sure one of those are highlighted.
9) Once you have the part that says [i] highlighted press tab once and you’ll have damage highlighted.
10) Press it again and you will have the fire rate and target highlighted.
11) If you highlight it the 3rd time then the range is highlighted.

Remember this is just a simple check or hack that will allow you to own online custom games they have. Now this means that they might have some other bugs in starcraft 2 that should allow you to own most any player in the game easily. Now since this one is going to be done on non official games your account more than likely is safe from being banned for example. Now if you are after more single player cheats, bots, hacks, dupes, guides and more then you need to check out taultunleashed as they have all the major things you could want in order to have the upper hand during any game. Just image removing the fog of war and knowing exactly where your opponents are and what they are going to do. This is a great example of the major cheats over at Anyways enjoy the cheat

35 Responses to “Starcraft 2 Infinite Minerals | Money Hack”

  1. Lenfal says:

    @xmadsonx Actually, this is one of the most balanced TD ever. Considering it’s one of the rare where towers don’t get totally overpowered after a few levels, it’s also one of the most challenging TDs. And when you understand what each tower is really about, you can get pretty far (about lvl 30) without losing a single life.

  2. lykanbluepaws says:

    This does not look like starcraft 2 to me, please tell what game this is.

  3. replayking1 says:

    how did u get 0/40 death things?

  4. Johsimite360 says:

    This was posted on the exact day of my birthday. O.O

  5. allaireko says:

    Dead on 6 or 7 wave.
    And you have still 0/40 right? Impossible for me.

  6. Fiasc0ben says:

    it works and all the fun is lost

  7. Garother says:

    lol thats not sc2

  8. xmadsonx says:

    Works fine here thanks. This game is so unbalanced, even on easy i couldn’t get pass round 10 without lose a live

  9. HordeFoLife19 says:

    I suck at this game lol what towers should i buy first and what upgrades?

  10. DJ1Jesus says:

    Nice, both glitches worked immediately for me 😀 thanks man!!

  11. t3sla2 says:

    what the hell is this? ._.

  12. SGEShadow says:

    How do you get to level 8 with only the Gatling Turret? What order do you get the upgrades?

  13. sapasion says:

    works now thats just silly

  14. SRTE3N says:

    You can instead of pressing tab a ton of times, simply press shift+tab. It’ll go backwards through the selection process and select the stat boxes much sooner. If you happen to miss the box, just press tab normally.

  15. emoranger0015 says:

    this was awsome thx

  16. n0608039 says:

    it works

  17. gregorobi says:

    It works for me

  18. Nizzemancer says:

    doesn’t work at all

  19. Gdanohrukrodmmtefce says:

    wtf is this

  20. Gaobdgao says:

    you probably got adblock plus and flashgot on your firefox…

    I used chrome and the problem seems to go away…

  21. xAfroMacx says:

    Only for lasers

  22. xgodxinxhumanxformx says:

    will this work for the damage?

  23. dudeguy7251 says:

    it works sometimes idk prolly just a weird glitch…….cool infinite money thing BTW really ruined the fun though lol

  24. xAfroMacx says:

    hmm I’m stumped then, maybe it is because you placed before the game actually started, i have never experienced the problem yoiu speak at the time you speak of, so I cannot really provide any support for your situation. sorry =|

  25. dudeguy7251 says:

    no i was saying like at the start me dude like wont shoot :O

  26. that1JorgeguyxD says:

    i think people like playing this because it’s a challenge to see how long they can survive against the enormous force ( btw your only allowed 1 mothership at a time…… unless there was multiple AI’s tht were allied) >.<

  27. WalkingV3 says:

    dangg hey how did u get an offline version of SC2???

  28. overwhelming12 says:

    THis is either “Use your illusions map” or an melee with 3 computer insane hard mode. INSANE HARD MODE is cheating btw. Meaning, the computer knows everything and gets free money. YOu might want to use GreenTea AI if your a noob.

  29. urklekills says:

    you know you can go preorder this at gamestop and get a beta key for $5 right?

  30. Fazzmania64 says:

    The Thors are being cloaked by the mothership’s aura, which cloaks all nearby allied units. If you’re noob, best not to play against 3 computers at once, and especially don’t use a cheating AI. I don’t get why people like to play against this, it basically maphacks so just when your base is vulnerable for a minute while you build defenses on your natural expo, blam in they come with no scouting at all, just full out assault force. It’s kinda stupid.

  31. HeroicDolphin says:

    Lol, for some reason i decided to watch this whilst listening to commentry on a pro match. I heard the phrase ‘and hes really using that drone well’ at 0:58

  32. premise1one says:

    @HeroicDolphin it was 3 i think and it was a customized cheating map.

  33. HeroicDolphin says:

    Ok, i am quite amazed at your noobiness =P. Although 2 motherships and a load of medvacs? How many enemys were you playing against?

  34. freeflix9 says:

    @ZSh0ck thanks. havent played pc games in a while actually.

  35. ZSh0ck says:

    When you’re starting a game, press “+” twice to get the maximum game speed… You may wanna use some hotkeys too 🙂