Aion Exploits – New Pathing Exploit In Altgard

Here is a nice little exploit in aion online for a new secret path in atlgard. The video shows that you just need to find a special statue in the game and jump on some ledges that shouldnt be there. Its pretty easy to do and it gives you an awesome hunting spot for mobs because its pretty much impossible to even reach where you are at.

What you need to do is the follow:
– First find the fallen statue and jump up on it.
– Run up the statue until you are at the highest part you can currently reach.
– From there you glide to a patch of land that is not normally visible by players.
– Then run up some more and use a jump glitch to get on a ledge that shouldnt be there.
– From there you need to run up some more and do more jumping.
– Check out the video for some more in depth jumping techniques to make this easier on you.

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6 Responses to “Aion Exploits – New Pathing Exploit In Altgard”

  1. flasher64 says:

    they are lvl 30
    and it is a reward for you if you got the collectors edition of AION

  2. 1Fable2Boy says:

    lol cool but how did you get Red wings ??? replay to my profile plz

  3. Idpicture says:

    Its my characer 🙂 now i have also found a path who leeds to the exactly midle spot of the map
    and different paths further in this glitch

  4. kikozup says:

    Nice! Found it!

  5. flasher64 says:

    you have to fill in a application on your forum
    and it looks like i can’t post websites in the msg
    but you can find our website just type in the legion name and press on CTRL+ENTER

  6. kikozup says:

    Haha Awesome!
    Maybe I come to Castor and you invite me to Legion? Do you have to wait to get in Castor?