Star Wars The Old Republic In Depth Look At Combat

This video alone shows you how damage in star wars the old republic mmorpg is going to change versus all other mmos.

This first big thing is how the combat is speed wise. Instead of of the normal game where you go up against someone and you both keep hitting each other and you cast the same spell over and over again you instead will be able to do different things.

First of all characters will actually interact with each other. With most mmos like world of warcraft when you attack someone you are both doing independent actions. So you cast a spell and then if it hits the opponent he does he routine animation. In swtor you will actually interact with that character based on what you do. So for example if you are fighting someone with a light saber and you use yours on him they may clash and sparks will fly out. Also you will have animations going on all around you for when you block enemies. So its not just going to be an animation for blocking the player in front of you. There is a chance you will block opponents from behind and youll have another separate animation.

Another big change is the fact you have a cover system. The cover system allows you to hide from enemy fire by hiding behind a variety of objects in the game. The spot where you where you can take cover is going to be marked by a light green silhouette of your character.

Also star wars the old republic is going to have a much faster fighting style than most mmos. Instead of the routine i attack him up close and he does to. You will be moving around, having different animations happen depending on where you block and hit opponents and more.

Whats best of all is this is just the early build of the game. There is so much more going to happen in games. They are going to take the physics that where on darkfall to a new level. So you will be doing damage based on what you hit and where you hit unlike most mmos that just have a dice roll being played out.

Prepare for one of the best MMOs to be coming out next year. And the current beta is going on right now. The force is with you.


50 Responses to “Star Wars The Old Republic In Depth Look At Combat”

  1. dilexusmaximus14 says:

    @MrProgrammingX Personally I think SWTOR is going to beat SWG. SWTOR has a completely better storyline which is not messed up like in SWG. the Galaxies have lots of Jedi and Sith which is not what supposed to be during the Galactic Civil War. The Jedi where whipped out because of Order 66 and The Sith are supposed to contain only 2 members (the master and the apprentice) because of Darth Bane.

  2. Revanic45 says:

    im getting tired of people being shot 300 times and still being alive. same with being hit with a freaking saber through your chest.

  3. OfficialFearClan says:

    @MrProgrammingX i doubt you have played either, you are in no position to comment.

  4. logun24x7 says:

    @Xanice42 The Bioware Dev’s describe other MMO combat as swing and hit, I just happen to agree with that description. If you watch most MMO’s you make an attack and then there’s a pause and then your opponent makes an attack. If you parry or block an attack your sword doesn’t move to meet your opponent’s sword, there is no visual representation of that block. In SWTOR there is. In SWTOR combat swords meet and get blocked and blaster bolts get deflected.

  5. Xanice42 says:

    Other MMOs aren’t just swing and hit.. Don’t try to bash other MMO’s when you aren’t showing the actual gameplay.. Don’t get me wrong, SWTOR will be epic, but you’re going at it the wrong way.

    Also.. great trailer you’ve made 😛 It pretty much shows everything they have released so far. There is no real need to watch many more SWTOR trailers.

  6. Banioxul says:

    @MrProgrammingX lol wut?

  7. Kanadaeh2 says:

    @MrProgrammingX SWTOR is made bt Bioware the best game designers ever…. the point is that you dont just do whatever you want… its fully story driven and thats what makes it NOT boring you are always on a mission not just killing 5 pigs and coming back…….. stupid

  8. Kanadaeh2 says:

    @JRMR7 You play WoW and are calling people geeks…. come on

  9. MrProgrammingX says:


  10. peri2502 says:

    @JRMR7 you call non-WoW players geeky? That’s rich! lol

  11. peri2502 says:

    @MrProgrammingX I find it a bit premature for you to claim what SWTOR is or is not going to be, without the game even being released yet. That being said, I admit never having played SWG, but what attracts me to TOR is the fact that is seems to be a story driven MMO rather than just a grindfest where I pointlessly run around killing mobs for XP. It may not be as open, but personally I don’t care all that much. As for being inclined to be a Jedi, they announced the exact contrary to that.

  12. justinmanforreal says:

    @JRMR7 Actually it is being produced by bioware and is the biggest budgeted MMO ever. And you dont have a picture because you are too ashamed. Obviously you dont want it to succeed because you want WOW to live forever. Sadly It most likely will not. Just let us have our game and you ca keep yours. Seriously , what’s the problem here?
    Oh, and Pwned bitch

  13. JRMR7 says:

    I dont like this game
    I dont think this game will even hurt WoW one bit
    I think this game will fall before WoW like all did till now
    Long live warhammer online

  14. JRMR7 says:

    @justinmanforreal Luckily im a wow player too, have an account and only playing warhammer for a break till cataclysm
    Will be funny to watch your geeky mmo crash and fall before WoW like all others xD
    btw, look at your foto, u rly are a pro-geek

  15. OfficialFearClan says:

    @MrProgrammingX Hur hur hur. Not only can you not prove anything you just said, but you are probaly one of the swg zombies that didnt leave after the sony online reboot.
    1)Star wars galaxies isnt free. and it has archaic graphics.
    2)I doubt youve played swg, you just want to scream because your mom wont give you money for the game.
    3)You arent inclined to be a jedi, but last i checked you are in star wars galaxies.
    please get a life.

  16. Slayer5779 says:

    this is insane!!!

  17. geoffreyromain says:

    wow great job on the video:D

  18. zootownian says:

    Gotta love how they made wow look so great 😛

  19. Gnampf01 says:

    @Raubez i was thinking the same as is watched this…

  20. MrProgrammingX says:

    And plus, your statements are inconsistant, swtor’s classes are just like wow, there is no way to customise your class like in pre-cu, either way, swg wins.

  21. MrProgrammingX says:

    SWGEmu is bringing pre-cu back and it’s already in a playable, online beta.
    And no, SWG ISN’T DEAD, you just haven’t played it, if you play on starstrider there are a ton of people.

  22. Andinvain says:

    @MrProgrammingX SWG is dead, first off. The developers ruined it and everyone is a jedi anyways. Also, keep in mind that this game takes place in a totally different Star Wars time period, therefore there were a lot of Jedi and Sith running around, unlike horrible SWG’s time period, where everyone is a Jedi or Sith in the time period with Darth Vader. Yeah, makes a lot of sense…

    Hopefully people finally kill off SWG because of this game. Vanilla SWG was the best.

  23. bimberoman says:

    Too bad that KOTOR almost dont run on new GPUs and crashes every 3 minutes or on every loading screen many times untill you will get throuh loading…

  24. bimberoman says:

    Still KOTOR have better combat

  25. 143rdShadowARCunit says:

    @MrProgrammingX inclined to be a jedi? u mean like those troopers, smugglers, bounty hunters, and imperial agents? SWG is nothing compared to SWTOR.

  26. eight216 says:

    the trooper is lookin a little to op if they can bring that huge ammount of damage at a distance and have good armor plus they said all ranged classes will have trucks to het back into range….. (im still gona make my first char a sith war)

  27. ownrook says:

    either WOW will keep its title or SWTOR and Guild Wars 2 will destroy it, but realistically WOW will never stop having players….


    @tbg0o lol yeah i saw that shit

  29. Suph373 says:

    Anyone complaining about the graphics, they’re great. Go play Cock of duty Modern Gayfuckstupid.

  30. 242nd says:

    @tbg0o LOL

  31. Foxboy116 says:

    I love it but it just looks.. so slow = They need to build up the combat speed to get the true Jedi/Sith essence going on

  32. Darttboyy says:

    Can someone tell me if there’s ANYWAY this will run on a laptop?

  33. okiedokieartichoki says:

    @scarscr3am Not Guild Wars, the sequel Guild Wars 2. It’s still not out, but it seems like a pretty good game.

  34. okiedokieartichoki says:

    @xenomorph856 Well Guild Wars 2 has been in development for 5+ yrs now and its free 2 play…open world, dynamic storyline, new alternative to quests and great graphics. Just saying as you told someone off for asking if SWTOR (looks great too imo) was Free2Play.

  35. p2kks7 says:


  36. tbg0o says:

    2:47+ WTF ?!? They employ 13y olds?

  37. scarscr3am says:

    @okiedokieartichoki you mean that epic fail game that only sold cause people didnt or couldnt pay monthly for it yea i heard of it why?

  38. colinreeter777 says:

    omg jizzzzz

  39. kbamch says:

    from what i have seen and all this stuff this is probably star wars on steriods lol they have really out done themselves

  40. xenomorph856 says:

    @AfroThunder8268 Your partly right, except that this will crush world of warcraft 😛

  41. xenomorph856 says:

    @okiedokieartichoki Yeah, and?

  42. okiedokieartichoki says:

    @xenomorph856 Have you heard of something called Guild Wars 2?

  43. nectokid says:

    @nymphetamine2 I would agree about bad graphics. But I can’t complain much, because i know Bioware knows how to make good games. If anyone can make an awesome RPG, than that’s Bioware !!! I have full confidence in them ….

  44. animalluke says:

    i really hope i get picked for the testing…

  45. conveys7 says:

    @Draious if you mean real time, then yes its real time combat with rpg elements, the combat is kind of similair…

  46. jimmyhatts says:

    i hope this dose not go the way of Warhammer online

  47. te11ah says:

    @OctopusGrime ..bad graphics can kill a game?? Wow has crap graphics and has 11 million subscribers and making billions. Looks like graphics don’t matter that much.. All about gameplay

  48. AfroThunder8268 says:

    @xenomorph856 sound about as good as world of warcraft i have a feeling in the future depending on who you are they will both be very competetive mmo’s

  49. xenomorph856 says:

    @emin257 Are you seriously asking this question? OF COURSE IT WILL NOT BE FREE! They do not spend 5 years+ on a game for it to be free. FYI is will be 10-15 dollars per month. (very reasonable considering the time and money spent and how awesome it is)

  50. Terdmissle9 says:

    Eh, it looks alright.