Rift Automatic Groupings Guide

Question By Jeffley: Does anyone know of a guide for rift on automatic groupings? I want to play rift with a feature that wow had that lets you automatically join groups in the game. This is very important when it comes to doing the harder end game dungeons, and getting certain quests completed that require multiple people in the game. It sucks that im being forced to post over and over again int he world chat box. While yes this can help me eventually find a group for questing, players who aren’t viewing that chat will never find me. So anyways does anyone know of a rift automatic groupings guide.

Best Answer By Tault
When you are doing a zone quest you can join groups easily. Best of all you wont even need to ask the group leader of that zone quest. You can just auto join. This is one of the best features of risk that people think will start being abused very soon, but currently it is not. The best way to do this is find a player thats in a group. Then click on that player and you will see a photo of their account. Now you can see above their head a small join group button. Then just click on the group and you can easily join it and start gaining all the perks for that zone. Keep in mind while some quests might not have this feature the majority of risks quests do have this feature which is something tons of players are happy about and is actually helping to improve the game.

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