WoW Cataclysm Worgen Dance Real Life Video

real thing

Have you ever wondered what a worgen dance might look like in real life? No? Well neither have I, but some players for world of warcraft cataclysm have decided that they have found themselves the ultimate tribute to teh worgen class and the worgen mount. In this video which is just called the wow cataclysm worgen dance.

So whether or not you have played world of warcraft cataclysm doesnt matter compared to this video. This is called the worgen dance. Its pretty much one of the funniest things around. Its a dance for players that are a fans of the worgen and they went all out. You can even see a dorky tribute to the worgen mount as they are driving around in their official worgen mount.

Now if you just want to see the official worgen dance in the game world of warcraft well we have it here too. All you have to do is click this link right here that video is a gif of the worgen class doing its unique dance in the game. What are your thoughts on the worgen dance for world of warcraft?

23 Responses to “WoW Cataclysm Worgen Dance Real Life Video”

  1. Andressanti2010 says:


  2. Andressanti2010 says:

    ???? WATH!

  3. MiggePro1337 says:

    i laughed and almost peed my pants cuz they look pretty scarry xD

  4. PSSiddles says:

    i would LOVE this to be the dance! i say we start a petition!

  5. Wyatt19961212 says:

    @ValkyrieCaine the mighty boosh

  6. ThePenguinforce says:

    This had better be there when Dance studio is released.

  7. ReirMuchoProductions says:


  8. razzwins says:

    best shit ever

  9. VeryUniqueX says:

    @ValkyrieCaine That’s funny; I was just thinking the same thing 😛

  10. ValkyrieCaine says:

    What is this scene from?

  11. nonikfantasy says:

    i like your vid ^^ this dance is over xDD but blizzard dont use this dance

  12. xhappyxlifex says:


  13. Golemoid says:

    @ValkyrieCaine Frankly, anything is.

  14. theshit114 says:

    HAHAHAHA mighty boosh FTW

  15. Dantaroen says:

    if this is the male ? i cant wait to see the ladys haha XD

  16. san4es55 says:

    allredy patched,old dance -.-

  17. Maddogg1214 says:

    was the guy high when he wrote this?

  18. MagicalMelan says:

    How u get that ben sherman armour?

  19. casiusperez says:


  20. PierreCle says:

    Its ok im king of the mods!

  21. Passwordcracks says:

    @K4inan hi

  22. K4inan says:

    @Passwordcracks It’s spelled DEFINITELY!! Not Definately ROFL

  23. jacob5u says:

    it´s not funi