World of Warcraft Hacks – WoWned Scam

World of Warcraft Hacks – WoWned Scam

So we decided to give players some more information on world of warcraft hacks out there and which ones are scams. The first major one is going to be the scam from a program called wowned.

This hack says that the creator spent 2 years custom coding this hack so it works on blizzard servers and will never be detectable. The first thing you need to know about why this is false is blizzard can easily check the packets for someone that is teleporting or speedhacking in the game. Its not hard to detect so thats the first part of this that is a scam.

The next part is him showing the video. The video doesnt seem to show many players around so he is more than likely using this on a world of warcraft private server which doesnt have many security features to stop players from using things like this.

Next you need to be careful is a general rule of thumb on these applications. First of all if its free there is a good chance someone installed some sort of keylogger to help them steal your world of warcraft account and then just take all your gold and items off it.

The second is if this was a pay item make sure the site has multiple items for sale and not just one. Sites that are just selling one type of hack are usually a scam site that is planning on giving you a hack that doesnt work and taking your cash. Most of the time these sites have a payment processor that is not clickbank or paypal. But instead its some random credit card processor that doesnt give you much in terms of protection for charge backs. You will most likely loose your money because your bank will see this as an item that doesn’t cover their protection guidelines.

Finally look for the websites age. Most sites that are scams have just been created. Instead of someone that created a site months before release talking about their product most scam sites buy the domain, post it all over the net, and then take it down in a few months and repeat the process. A site with an age of over 5 years is your best bet because you can be assured they are more legit than the other scam sites.

Well those are some great tips and overall the wowned hack is a scam and you need to not download it or try it out. If you want more legit hacks for world of warcraft just go check out taultunleashed. Anyways we hope you enjoyed the guide on World of Warcraft Hacks – WoWned Scam

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