Play Starcraft 2 Single Player For Free

Here is something a ton of hard core fans of starcraft and starcraft 2 will enjoy. A way to play starcraft 2 single player for free. Note you have to download the beta client and get a special hack in order for this to work. Here are all the orders you need to do in order to get this method working.

– Go to a torrent site and get the beta of starcraft 2 for your computer. Note you have to be using the windows version as the mac version isnt working.
– Go to the site
– Once there download the starcraft 2 single player hack with bots.
– Install the starcraft 2 beta.
– Wait until you get to the login screen and close the program down.
– Put the starcraft hack in the same folder as your starcraft 2 directory.
– Run the starcraft 2 single player hack.
– Select the map you want to play from the single player hack folder.
– Star playing the game.

Now you are not going to get any of the special blizzard custom made campaigns as it stands because of how they are coded and they are built into the game itself. You will have to look for a bay to pirate these if you want something like that 🙂 .

Note this method might be against the blizzard TOS but since the beta is over you might be fine doing this and blizzard might not be mad. We do recommend everyone actually purchase sc2 as its one of the greatest games ever and all the work thats been put into it deserve to get some compensation for their. I do dislike bobby as much as the next person but just because activision is merged with blizzard doesnt mean the people that make great games should get shafted from not buying this product.

Also if you are after some more starcraft 2 hacks, cheats, bots, rushing guides, and game guides. Then be sure to check out taultunleashed as they are pretty much the number one site out there when it comes to starcraft 2 hacks.

7 Responses to “Play Starcraft 2 Single Player For Free”

  1. XDlANIMEfanlXD says:

    so weird watching myself play… XD btw, its against bots so no flame >.>

  2. SusanSomerr says:


  3. PamelaAmos25 says:

    I keep getting owned by the bots, gotta practise more I guess

  4. ShastaFeaster says:

    Starcraft 2 rules

  5. MaryGeorgee24 says:

    Love it

  6. SarahGreen14 says:

    Sweet this actually works!

  7. CherylWiliams says: