Aion Speed Hacks and Radar Hacks Dominating In PVP Video

Here is a video of a playing using a speed hack and a radar hack to become pretty much unstopable in aion online.  He has killed almost 90% of the players he has met in the game.  He is only lvl 40 but he can take down most anyone in the game.  Whats worse of all is aion has not done anything to actually stop someone from using this hack in the game.  This player seems as well to be online 24/7 so he is more than liking using some sort of bot to help him get more items in the game.

With his hacks he also can take down most any player in the game.  Level 50 toons get taken out easily with him and if he ever is ganged up on he manages to use an aion speed hack to run away and safely avoids being attack.  All people know is he is called the fat china man and seems to be unstopable in the game.

For players looking for a bot like he has then they need to check out mmoviper for the best aion online bots.  For players that are after the same type of radar hack this player was using then then need to check out mmoviper once again as they have the best radar hacks out there for aion online.

When it comes to speed hacks for doing extra damage and running around faster than you should be able to.  Well then you want to check out taultunleashed.  Taultunleashed is easily the best place for aion hacks, leveling guides, kinah guides, cheats, exploits, private servers and more.  They have everything a player could really want.

Anyways enjoy the video and learning about how players are able to run, attack, and fly faster than anything in the game.  Its something aion does not enforce strongly so enjoy it while you can.

17 Responses to “Aion Speed Hacks and Radar Hacks Dominating In PVP Video”

  1. thedarkwolf25 says:

    SO obvious, I hope they get banned for that and that MC actually get off their ass and does it.

  2. maganashi says:

    Nice and obvious.

  3. TheTaym says:

    lol, I enjoy how well they mask it *eyeroll*

  4. EcchiNI says:

    lol 100% hax, when u get hardcore enuff to cheat it always ends up in fail.

  5. MelissaBedard says:

    Oh here it is! =D

  6. tormentuk says:

    @CehashyNorador lol amin, your the idoit. kthxbye 😛

  7. CehashyNorador says:

    your reply shows how well you suck both in game and here

  8. tormentuk says:

    @CehashyNorador lol noob.

  9. CehashyNorador says:

    seems like someone is buthurt beeing owned by a lvl 40 glad. OH SNAP>

  10. tormentuk says:

    @xmkkx22 lol noob.

  11. xmkkx22 says:

    Nice vid, but no way he is cheating, ever heard of charge etc? If you get killed dont QQ but get better;)

  12. monkymaster1 says:

    @xemnos8 its the fact taht even when slowed, he moved at capped flight speed…

  13. PR0XXIE says:

    I heard he got a temp ban once for hacking… And yea, he’s a huge faggot

  14. xemnos8 says:

    Wear the same gear as his , play your class smart. and you would feel you are way better than him. hacking excuses is for the weaks mate ; ) .
    get your gear and you will own him easily.

  15. tormentuk says:

    @clawpus yes i know, i did not know about this. im still abit noobish with all the tech things.

  16. clawpus says:

    too bad you don’t have show distance enabled, would make it more obvious if he is hacking.

  17. rvaldez5987 says:

    he is using a speedhack mate… maybe no animation hack.. depends on his attack speed. but def speedhack. petition him and email any proof you can including this video. he will get banned if a gm is sure.