SC2 Guide – The Perfect Rush For Zerg and Protoss

In this video we are going to give you an example of how to become one of the best rushers in sc2.  This video is something all great players should watch very carefully as its between considered the 2 best players in the world at starcraft.

The first player is Tyler Wasieleski who goes by the online tag NonY.  He is from America and is credited with winning the 2009 brood war tournament by  Tyler now goes as the player named Liquid’Tyler and is on one of the top 15 teams in the world at starcraft 2.

The second player is David Kim.  He actually is now an employee for blizzard and he works on balancing issues for starcraft 2.  He is considered by many to be the worlds best but as always its in dispute based on the player.

The video below is going to show you first of all how many units to build for both protoss and zerg.  Also it shows you how to complete a near perfect rush.  Watch how quickly nony gets his protoss rush out.  Also watch very closely how David Kim makes a secession as to what the best move for the counter rush will be.  Its a great video showing how starcraft still plays like a game of chess because of how in depth it is.


50 Responses to “SC2 Guide – The Perfect Rush For Zerg and Protoss”

  1. caLi2o9 says:

    Hydras still own

  2. Watuable says:

    r u sure this is david kim and nony? im pretty sure both players are 10X better then what ive seen played in the video.seriously? how can nony stay mass lots verse roachs? im sure he knows the hard counter to roachs already. and david kim throwing down a spincrawler while he only seen 4 zealots? i doubt he would do such a move while he can easily counter it. and nony not moving hes probes as he just sat there and let them all die? and lastly, im sure david kim could have easily marco his unit

  3. DarkRaven008912 says:

    The zerg sound too… squishy…

  4. haife says:

    @eeg10 yap you can.

    You have several views on production tap / units lost / army size ecetera. – Really good to compare players 🙂

  5. mail2nielsen says:

    Attacking with the drones is lol.

  6. mail2nielsen says:

    @jmeyer722 Yes.

  7. jmeyer722 says:

    did the starcraft 2 beta go offline?

  8. ishowutouch says:


  9. pyrolamma says:

    that toss is a nap

  10. Odbarc says:

    I totally hear in my head Peter Griffin’s sneaky-giggle when I see things scouting freely like that. (ling being chased by ‘lot)

  11. xXSuperToasterXx says:

    He’s not even in the beta he said he wouldn’t be

  12. imdeadindeed says:

    does david kim still play in the beta? coz i lost all track of all the replays both vs him or from him, its wierd, hes a beta tester @ Blizz but he seems to have stopped playing in the beta lol

  13. TheMurderProductions says:

    Nony and David Kim arnt noobs and all the people that r saying that u guys will own them thats a straight no there the best in sc2 beta…

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  15. JumpinGf3n1x says:


  16. numberassortment says:

    And the smell of burning drones will forever haunt his memory…

  17. Doxi99 says:

    David Kim is sick

  18. quillian42 says:

    Why doesn’t he have any queens for most of the game?

  19. mcmanus1806 says:

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  20. secondsleft says:

    both so bad its not even funny, I would decimate them both.

  21. ACOGInterventioN says:

    This would be AMAZING if you had some commentary or something but who cares cuz its David kim. so its still kool.

  22. sool930820 says:

    noobs they are^^

  23. bitethebu11et says:

    they’ve both got some pretty sweet micro

  24. daNigReS says:

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  25. irkiIIer says:

    oh man that is bullshit, this is imbalanced game and is bullshit oh man.

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    those big crabs looked confused

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    man it does look busy but I LOVE THE GRAPHICS

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  31. sunpall says:

    @Ghandil lol sounded like a baseball commentator =)) very funny

  32. LittleMikeStarCraft says:

    The animation for the hatchery is different.

  33. wavelength121 says:

    Who cares about the beta? The game comes out in a month.

  34. ihavemonkeysinmybutt says:

    how do you make those words in the orange lettering?

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  50. yoduh99 says:

    did they get auctioneers for this commentary? dudes need to calm down