World of Warcraft Cataclysm Goblin Mount

Here is the world of warcraft cataclysm goblin mount. The mount comes with a built in radio which is pretty spiffy because you get custom music as well. The wow cataclysm goblin mount you get from doing a quest in the game. The mount is a giant car that is constantly putting out gas and smog. The mount you can use to jump ramps and you can run over other players in the game with.

This mount is very different from other mounts because of how advanced it seems. While yes the dwarves have machines as well the goblin mount is more along something a mad scientist meets a hick would make. The mount also seems to give you the ability to actually do short speed bursts with it.

I do wish the mount had a little more dark music for when you are in it, because it seems far to happy and chipper for such a mischievous race in goblin lore. Goblins are pretty much the ferengee of world of warcraft universe and they should be treated as such.

Well the video is short but it gives you the basic idea of the world of warcraft goblin mounts and how different they are from the normal mounts in the game. Well i hope you enjoyed this video on the wow cataclysm goblin mouns and be sure to check out our other posts for more information for world of warcraft cataclysm and all the goodies the game has coming for you this year.

38 Responses to “World of Warcraft Cataclysm Goblin Mount”

  1. darkphazonsumas says:

    mount ftw. I will jus make a forsaken and get exalted (not that hard anymore).

  2. shaji20 says:

    this isn’t the actual mount, you have to give it to the trade prince to get off the island later on

  3. L8AtaK says:

    @GarraLordOFSand but how would the naga wear those epic t20 pants you got?

  4. Bubblingbrew says:

    @GarraLordOFSand Goblins are fucking awesome, shut ur mouth.

  5. kingtmac231 says:

    @GarraLordOFSand eh honestly the naga ran off with illidan and the bloodelf prince to outlands so i dont really think the naga would have been with the horde but maybe they will be in a later expansion pack

  6. spoojing says:

    @GarraLordOFSand i would agree but ive seen their beginning place and the quests in it and it is so fucking epic

  7. Uberrrrrrr says:

    @GarraLordOFSand lmfao ur correct

  8. MrPottep says:

    @GarraLordOFSand idd but there mount is cool 😛

  9. GarraLordOFSand says:

    goblins are so fucking stupid and ugly, i wouldve rather horde to get naga’s instead of these pieces of shit

  10. AtNight9 says:

    i hope some of the new multi passenger mounts get radio =P

  11. wowman362 says:

    cool vid 😀 (worgend ftw)! 😀

  12. lubumaineak says:

    Very nice.. , Sub me plawks

  13. xTeamRaW says:

    Yo nice vid, Sub me plzz 😀

  14. WoWexploiter112 says:

    @savageavenger94 in this build the only difference to the chapel is that you could get behind it.

  15. savageavenger94 says:

    @Thebuzzer1 no if his children is onyxia and the other dragon… their heads were put up in the begining of SW after the bridge

  16. savageavenger94 says:

    what about the chapel?

  17. anablerun says:

    I wanna know what your writing!

  18. Alowishius says:

    i want a mount that goes that fast

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  20. unusedshoes says:

    /likes you 😀

  21. Teim36 says:


  22. Tallytuna says:

    u skiped the graveyard

  23. WoWexploiter112 says:

    @Gnomified It’s exactly the same.

  24. Gnomified says:

    I wanna see darnasuss!

  25. Followthategg says:

    @WoWexploiter112 its also not well know that Deathwing really just doesn’t like Nightelves, hippes and parks in general.

  26. randomness711 says:

    i just jizzed my pants… this is how stormwind shouldve looked from the start, apart from the abalished park lol

  27. DayveIsh says:

    I liked the old Stormwind. WoW died for me when BC came out, and they made the game so god damn easy.

  28. WoWexploiter112 says:

    @Thebuzzer1 i see, were they not at the front.

  29. Thebuzzer1 says:

    Deathwing destroyed the park (the Druid area) because his childs head was hung in there I believe…

  30. Jhon47807 says:

    can you show Ironforge??

  31. Silentdead631 says:

    can you say how you have make this privat server?

  32. darkgun022 says:


  33. camosniper738 says:

    @wafles77 hes on a private server

  34. camosniper738 says:

    @Silentdead631 its a private server thats how hes flying

  35. Silentdead631 says:

    hey why can you fly and so on?

  36. wafles77 says:

    how do you run that fast!!!

  37. yupitsheavy says:

    omg these changes are going to be sick, its going to take me days just to take all this stuff in

  38. PVPwarcraftologist says:

    OMFG cuz wutever would we do without 2AH’s in 1city