Starcraft 2 Harvest 7,000 Minerals In 30 Seconds

Here is a fun little video most players might enjoy. Its of a player that acquires so many svcs that he can harvest 7,000 minerals in only 30 seconds. Its actually pretty easy how he did this. Also no he did not actually do this in a game that was legit as that’s nearly impossible to do.

The first method for how he did this was just creating a custom game with one of the starcraft 2 beta hacks for single player games and just built his stats up there. Its not to hard to get a free sc2 beta account going. Just download it from your average torrent site. Then install the game on your computer. Run the hack and you instantly now have the ability to actually play the game. Yes you cant play against people on battle net of course but its still awesome being able to play against the computer and see just how the game is currently working.

The second method might be he is just using the game creator. Starcraft 2 has a built in game creator allowing you to edit a ton of things for the game. You can now create your own game in a variety of formats. From creating a true FPS. To creating the entire diablo 2 game all over again in a higher resolution. You can now do all that and more with the new starcraft 2 editor. He more than likely just edited his config file to have this show up and voila instant sc2 gaming.

Well its nothing special but a really cool feat to watch. Just to think that someones computer can handle that easily and not crash the game, means blizzard really took their time this time around to make sure you can still play this game on almost any system out there. Well get ready because in the next 2 weeks the game is going to arrive for us all to enjoy.

30 Responses to “Starcraft 2 Harvest 7,000 Minerals In 30 Seconds”

  1. netmatrix75 says:

    Its like watching ants do their jobs.

  2. x3ICEx says:

    @coolalex5364 Wrong. This was done entirely in the real game. No editing.

  3. zzerrattull says:

    Im making a video with high-yield minerals and nukes

  4. zzerrattull says:

    ya wen the beta come out again 😛

  5. XxJohnyNguyenxX says:

    Put on high-yield minerals!

  6. zzerrattull says:

    hahahah nice idea,this comment will be considered in the future !!!

  7. TheAle89515 says:

    And then a nuke lands on them all!!! Oh come on!

  8. zzerrattull says:

    1,700 views 10x everyone keep going!!!

  9. Ch3wza says:

    NERFFF THIS !! lmao. that’s awesome 😀

  10. coolalex5364 says:

    @user314159265358979A its a video about massing units in the creator dont worry the real game is amazing

  11. zzerrattull says:

    well its not a cheat just the Terran mules can harvest the mineral multiple times

  12. user314159265358979A says:

    whaaat you can eat minerals with multiple utits at the time?! that sucks total monkeyballs >:( or is it just a cheat, than its OK.
    if not, i’ll keep playing SC1 for a long time i think.

  13. MichaelOusstrin says:

    haha epic

  14. 254kenneth says:

    lol they masacerd those minerals in just seconds!

  15. Jaybee616 says:

    nom nom those minerals

  16. zzerrattull says:

    @TrailerAdd1ct yes i have
    these are my specs================>
    MB: ASUS M4N75TD
    CPU: AMD Phenom II x 4 965
    RAM: Kingston Kit 3 x 1GB DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz
    VGA: 2 x Palit GTX 260 Sonic
    HDD: 1000 gb
    PSU: Fortron Everest 1010
    Monitor: LG LCD W2486L-1980×1080 😛

  17. TrailerAdd1ct says:

    you may have a good computer to support all those informations ^^

  18. zzerrattull says:

    @ea10bgz yes if they were full it was be 12000 minerals some of them are mined to be 7000 😛

  19. ea10bgz says:

    those minerals werent full dude!!!

  20. OniSakkiservant says:

    u no what?I say :SCV RUSH!!!!

  21. kr4ckas says:

    that’s what I call efficiency!

  22. Shmlegshmlin says:

    @tranquero only mules can

  23. tranquero says:

    Wow I didnt know you could mine with more than two mules/SCVs from the same crystal node

  24. zzerrattull says:

    You have to build first a orbital command,to build orbital commant you need barracks,to build barracks you need SCV,to build SCV you need Command Center 😀

  25. HoIlowlchigo says:

    how do u actually build mule?

  26. imilkdude says:

    @Alejandro1Mojica lol ye wen i play with a team i usually feel left out coz my camp is tiny lol

  27. imilkdude says:

    fuuuuuck i dont get why people click so muuuuuuch

  28. Khordajj says:

    Very good job man. However, that wasn’t a very good protoss player. When I played in the beta, I would always make a choke point at my entrance and make a sentry or two to prevent those massed zerglings from destroying my base. In fact, if the protoss player had done either of those two your zerglings would have been raped. Good tactics though. If you want tips of how to beat protoss just whisper me.

  29. MadMAn12gauge says:

    lol, You may of learned it from a chinaman but my friend tom came up with that strategy of +1lings +speed 12 drone(origional starcraft) it was designed to be ZvZ…But anyhow it is nice to know that it still works in Starcraft 2 vs more than just zerg, and you did it very well, however remember to hotkey the first half of the lings separately from the second half so that you can shuffle injured lings to the back and have less losses, thats the only thing separating you from plat my good man

  30. Alejandro1Mojica says:

    dude lolz it always seems like the zergs have no buildings lolz XP lol