Starcraft 2 Planetary Fortress Rush

K here is one of the craziest rushes in starcraft 2. What makes it evil is how easy it is to get off. First of all you of course need to paly as the terran. Then what you need to do is go out and make sure you know where your opponent is. If you opponent is halfway across the map or you arent sure where he is going to spawn then you can pretty much give up on this rush as it will take far to long.

The plan is you start out like any terran player with your svcs but instead of going for a marine rush or something else you work on getting your command center upgraded to the planetary fortress as soon as possible. Once you have that and your barracks built you fly them over to your opponent.

Set them down near him and then let your planetary fortress upgraded command center do all the work. It has an extreme range for attacking mobs and it does a ton of damage. Whats even better that’s not shown in the video is you should start building marines right away in your opponents base and use some of your svcs to start repairing your command center. That way not only will he have to work to kill off your svcs giving your command center more time to attack, but the marines that come in will do that extra bit of damage that might be needed against a professional players.

The key things to worry for with this rush is you just need to be sure you know where they are and how far. I know it was already said once but if you fly to far you will loose because your opponent will get their units too powerful for you to actually kill all of them. Also this hasnt been tested in 2v2 but id assume it could work out pretty well if one player does the command center rush and the other one does a marine rush. Getting your opponent from both sides will pretty much decimate them. Then fighting off one player is normally pretty easy since you can expand and control him pretty easily.

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25 Responses to “Starcraft 2 Planetary Fortress Rush”

  1. xXGreenDudeXx says:

    lol he was a noob

  2. nightshade1700 says:

    great build man cant wait for full game to come out he went for thaat zealot build like a fool like that guy said no observer wtf?

  3. PhilipLu3 says:

    @csecskristof dude, that’s pretty good pylon placement, I get it. Hes using the pylons to block for the cannons.

  4. csecskristof says:

    man, bad pylon placement, u still got room to grow..

  5. csecskristof says:

    @dat2704 well u can eat back that “no point of harras from1-10 mins”

  6. massdestruction97 says:

    Just love Scrap Station, enemy workers are so close. As for the players, they both suck.

  7. NorseLax07 says:

    HAHA perimeter is a sore loser. i really hope he has seen this vid. gotta love the rage quit

  8. electrostatic1 says:

    All those complaining about his timing should realize this was back in Feb, I’m sure he has improved by now. Also, because it takes so long to bet dark tower anyway, you can easily get out a warp prism by that time so you don’t have to rely on the proxy.

  9. tuestresfat says:

    wow how did he not notice that proxy pylon >_> especially if he wasn’t going to wall in you always do a quick sweep lol

    and why the fuck did he tech for immortal before an observer… *sigh*

  10. JTrpcic says:

    thats not even a rush, you can get DTs out minutes before this noob. His opponent was just as bad as he was, allowing him to lose to such noob play..gtfo

  11. superjohan11 says:

    you got lucky in 2 ways, A: he didn’t scout for proxies after u scouted him, and B: He was stupid enough to make an immortal out of the robotocs facility instead of an observer.

  12. Riesenpuller says:

    this is nor a rush neither a good strategy only noobs loose against such tactics, i mean he didnt even discover the cheesy pylon

  13. MiguelGalit says:

    this is not a rush.

  14. cunningspyder says:

    this is incredibly bad. thats all i have to say.

  15. Mahasashi says:

    IF i saw a forge first thing, and cannons coming up, I wouldve gotten the high yield mineral expansion cause you dont have anything to attack it, then if i saw a citadel later, id get obs and attack

  16. Divuston says:

    worst newb game ever lol

  17. player276 says:

    They were both pretty bad, the guy who lost was a lot worse though, didnt even look around his own base, and he was slow as hell.

    Dark Templar rush only works against protos noobs, terrains and Zerg can easily see them.

  18. yeayeah14 says:

    lol trash talk at the end

  19. borgoff55 says:


  20. ROllieHorne says:

    proxy build no strat u blow.

  21. orochimaruisugly says:

    immortal before observer? lol someone doesnt know how to play pvp.. or scout

  22. footreaver says:

    I bet he wiped epically in his next match aswell:) (the other guy I mean)

  23. RakeBone says:

    he got lucky that he was fighting wif a noob


  24. sharky8899 says:

    lol the zealot in the base ;o just take out of the poylon new and the cannons gos offline

  25. Armalizilto says:

    Blue was bad