Final Fantasy XIV System Requirements To Play

Final Fantasy 14 System RequirementsDoes anyone know what the requirements for FFXIV will be?
I recently say the game and it looks amazing. I have only a 2.8ghz laptop with a build in normal graphics card. My question is will i be able to play it on my laptop? I was able to play final fantasy 11 but im not sure if i meet the final fantasy 14 requirements to play.

Best answer:
Well its not 100% known for sure what the final requirements will be. But i can be pretty sure that you wont be able to play it easily with just that laptop. This is basically in a nutshell going to be the sequel to final fantasy 11 so the odds are against you that its going to require the same amount. The game might play on your laptop but the quality and speed will be very poor.

Id recommend going out and doing 2 things for your laptop. First of all go out and see if you can upgrade to a new graphics card. A lot of laptops out there now have that ability for people to actually find a new graphics card and install it in their laptop easily or they might have to have a specialized do it for them if they are unsure of it. Either way a graphics card might be the biggest thing you can get for your laptop.

The second thing id say you should do is go out and get more ram. You did say what you had but most of the time laptops have only the minimum ram they need. So you’re looking at probably around 1 gig. You might have more but its unlikely. Id say you should go out and get at least 2 gigs 3 gigs if you can as that is normally the max windows 32bit comps can use. Unless you have a 64bit os just use 3 gigs max.

IF you have both of those in your computer you are sure to be able to play final fantasy xiv pretty easily on your new laptop. However you might want to look into buying a desktop as playing on a laptop for a mmo can be power hungry and if you arent at a wall charger your game will end pretty damn quick hah.

Anyways that’s the best bet you have for playing FF14 on your laptop. Any other questions feel free to ask and we can help you figure out other things.

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  1. Boxy Brown says:

    Look at PS3’s specs and consider it the bare minimum.