Starcraft 2 Mods That Need To Be Made

Starcraft 2 Mods That Need To Be MadeHere is a great list of all the starcraft 2 mods that need to be made. This is a list of the original major sc1 mods out there. Basically a starcraft 2 mod is going to be a game type that you can play with awesome new perks. From go kart racing, a map with infinite resources, or a rpg. With the new starcraft 2 client you can do this and more. So what where some of the best mods in sc1 that need to be made for starcraft 2?

Gundam Century – Replace all the starcraft 2 normal characters with gundam ones now. For example the manga mechs in gundam will replace the robots for the terrans and some of the protoss. This is great for giving a brand new look to the game for players.

NeoTech – A mod that gives all the terrans more interesting look for futuristic weapons and more.

Open Rebellion – A mod of the entire brood wars made with the graphics of starcraft 2.

Robotech – A mod with the robots replaces with the ones from the robotech game in the 1980s

Starcraft Sickle – Brand new units for the game. The terran have new tanks. There is a new zerg unit. Also new classes for the protoss players.

Team fortress – This version makes the game like half life team fortress in multiple aspects.

This is only a small preview of starcraft 1 mods that need to be moved over to starcraft 2 as soon as possible. It is known that poeple are making even better mods as time goes by. For example right now someone has a final fantasy mod going around. Basically the game is like playing ff7 with your units and how battles are done.

There is also a bunch of major oldl classic game mods going around. So you can place galaga, lifeforce, and a bunch of other mods out there. Its only a matter of time til they remake a super mario brothers version of the game too.

Anyways look forward to a bunch of new mods coming out for starcraft 2 and be sure to keep checking for updates on these sc2 mods as they will make the game all the better when added in.


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