Starcraft 2 Secrets Guide Review – Rushing Enemies Guide

Starcraft 2 Secrets Guide ReviewStarcraft 2 Secrets Review-Rush Your Enemies into the Dirt

Is it the best starcraft 2 out there?

Starcraft 2 is going to be one of the worlds best selling games. Even before its released it has already placed in the top 100 pc games of all time for release numbers.  What makes this game even better is it took everything from starcraft which is in the top 5 best selling pc games every and they just added more.  New graphics, new units, but the same amazing balance and game place.  Well now if you are going to be playing a new game you are going to need a new guide to help guide you though.

How does the starcraft 2 secrets guide stack against the competition??

Well the guide has a good amount of information but its nothing amazing.  Most of the guides are just build orders and how to do newbie rushes with some depth to that.  However they mainly get their information from major sites out there.

About Starcraft 2 Secrets

The guides is written by t dub sanders.  He has done many guides out there from the PvP warcraft bible to the farmville secrets guide.  His newest one is the starcraft 2 guide which gives you all the basic strategies for the zerg terrn and protoss.  As well he gives some of the more advanced strategies.  He also gives links to youtube videos he has made or others have mad.  His guide is neatly organized but you can still spend a little bit of time and build it yourself with a little self work.

Comparison To Guide

The guide has most everything you can find out there.  The taultunleashed guide has a bit more though.  First of all taultunleashed has a strong user database which can give you updated guides before he can, because he has to either find the strategy from another site, or find it himself in game which can take time.  The basic information most any player can get as well.  Taultunleashed also gives hidden exploits and hacks for those that want them.  These allow you for example to remove the fog of war online allowing you to decimate your opponents.  Also when it comes to exploits you will find none at the starcraft 2 secrets guide.  They only do the legit stuff so finding units that are bugged and can kill everyone you wont find there.

Overall the guide is decent.  It doesn’t have anything that makes it stand out from the competition right now.  I would personally give the guide a 6 out of  10 just because most all the guides are around a 6 right now. still ranks about a 8 or a 9 and kills all the other guide sites out there.


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