Starcraft 2 Lag Hack

Starcraft 2 Lag HackStarcraft 2 Hacks?
So i have been using InHale hack for starcraft 1. I even used it all the way up to level 2.0.1 but the thing is i dont really like using it anymore. I have gotten bored of starcraft 1 and i want to start playing starcraft 2. My question is there a working iNHale starcraft 2 hack out there? Does anyone know the easiest place to find one and if so is it working?

The sc2 hack right now will show you what players lag is when they join a match. Whats great about it is if you open up a match and you are a the creator you can deem who should and shouldnt be booted. This hack allows you to see theri ping information which is great for us who dont want to play with laggy players. There is nothing worse int eh game then having someone with a bad connection playing a game with you and lagging it the whole time. Because then i just quit the game and i know how a loose to my record. It makes no point that they didnt fully fix this problem in starcraft 2.


Well your answer is a yes and no. First of all starcraft 2 did do a lot to fix these problems with lag other players have been having. They have made the game first of all region specific so you cant go and play someone from America if you are located in Europe for example. Starcraft 1 already had something like this so thats nothing giant but its nice.

Also in starcraft 2 they did add in a lot of features for searching games. You can now look for someone that has the similar lag as you so you wont be lagging out like crazy and if you have a bad lag then you can find someone who has a bad lag as well i suppose ha.

Right now there is nothing that will tell you 100% what someones lag is. People can mask their ips easily to trick the starcraft 2 servers. So your best bet is sticking to playing just with friends in the game. Also if you are good enough and you get up there to the platinum league or diamond then you own t have to worry about people having bad connections, because anyone that is up there has done so by being a really good player in the game.

Also if you find someone cheating you can always report them and blizzard will more than likely ban them form the game giving you a little bit of extra security in keeping your account safe.

I hope that answers your questions on starcraft 2 and the best way to keep keeping with others that have a decent connection speed.

5 Responses to “Starcraft 2 Lag Hack”

  1. Tyson,Pokemon Master says:

    wats the point of playing a game if ur gonna cheat?

  2. xs says:

    get lost.

  3. ~~Night:Wolf~~ says:

    This should help but it will take the fun out of the game but its you choice

  4. Everything says:

    Why do you want to spoil whatever game ur playing by using hacks!? It makes it no fun.

  5. says:

    Firstly, gaiz, hacks aren’t necessarily easy buttons. By unofficial definiton, hacks usually change the game in some way.

    Secondly, you could have searched up your answer. kthxbai