Starcraft 2 Newbie / Noob Guide for the Basics

Starcraft 2 Newbie / Noob Guide for the BasicsStarcraft 2 Newbie / Noob Guide for the Basics

Here is a nice little guide to help players that are new to the game on how they can use this information to help them better their game. Yes you have a ton of different strategies when you play sc2 that is part of what makes it amazing and has given sc1 a strong following still. The game many compare to playing chess based on all the counters. Well this little strategy guide is going to help you understand some of the basics of the game and give you more insight to the main game.

The 3 races are the zerg, protoss, and terran. The zerg is the most populated race, and they have numbers everywhere. The zergs main ability is to use numbers to overcome their foes and using chemicals to not only damage their foes but make them submit to their will as well.

The protoss is the most technological race of the 3. With not only have shields on most every unit. They have a tech that goes far above that of the humans and the zerg. They have also mastered the ability to teleport their units around the world and game maps.

The terran is considered the merging of the zerg and protoss. The Terran also starts with units that can attack bot air and land. Also they have the best defense against rushing attacks since their supply depots can drop down so they can just put them in front of their base entrance. Also they can fly around the map. The terrans also can do the most damage at end game with the ability to call in nuclear strikes on opponents.

When you start a round in stracraft 2 you are going to need minerals which are in the form of crystal deposits. They account for the majority of the needs to build items in the game. The other type is going to be that of Vespene gas which is usually required for second tier and more advanced units. Also you will be required to build units/structures to help you build more when you hit a unit cap.

When you being a game you will have a home building (hive, nexus, or command center) with a number of base units to start harvesting minerals for your base. With these units you build more advanced buildings and units.

The main purpose of all matches is to defeat your opponent by building a stronger army and destroying their army. While on pen it sounds easy some games can last for an hour due to how balanced this game. What separates this game from others is how everything has a counter so no matter what race you play, there is going to be an advantage and a disadvantage for everything you do.

Well there is a basic understanding of the game. For more guides, hacks, cheats, and more check out taultunleashed the number one place for starcraft 2 hacks

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