Final Fantasy XIV Vs WoW Cataclysm

FF14 vs WoW CataclysmWhich will be better world of warcraft cataclysm of final fantasy 14?
I only have so much money so im curious which game is going to be better? Does anyone have an in depth review final fantasy XIV (ffxiv) and a review of wow cataclysm with comparisons of how they are going to be? Also which one do you think will be better based on the style of play and overall enjoyment. Im after the best bang for my buck.

Best answer:
Well when it comes to both games they are going to share some advantages and disadvantages, but before we go into that lets do a quick recap on both games first.

Final Fantasy XIV is an update of final fantasy 11 pretty much. They are going to address all the downsides to ff11 and change some of the game play. The big thing they are going is allowing players to play solo more if they want. The problem with ff11 is upper levels you had to pretty much level with other players or have a horrible grind playing by yourself, which was hell to most players. They also will be upping the game graphics a ton with new spells and features. The game will also have new quests that will instead of just be simple battles, but you actual will develop through the story. The game will have the ability to use some spells while moving int he game.

World of warcraft cataclysm is going to have first of all a brand new layout for levels 1-60 which is considered by many to be the best part of world of warcraft. They are taking the entire games landscape and changing a majority of it. The game will have more races added in there, new content for the game, new mounts, a new level cap, the ability to fly in more areas of azeroths, achievements for your guilds, new battleground content, and new raid content.

When comparing the two the main parts boil down to this.

IF you enjoy final fantasy 11 imagine a version that has some of the new questing features you find in world of warcraft but with a better graphics interface and improvements from ff11.

If you enjoy wow imagine more of the same stuff you enjoyed added in there.

The games are somewhat alike but ff14 will have a more serious graphic style. If you have tried out ff11 then ff14 is for you. If you like wow you can try ff14 but wow will just have more of the same.

Thats going to be the best comparison between the 2 games out there.

5 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIV Vs WoW Cataclysm”

  1. Dj Distortion says:

    Not the BEST MMORPG ever.

    But ANYTHING is better than WoW,
    Though my girlfriend would disagree with me.

  2. Meygaera says:

    Realistically it probably won’t. Just because of the sheer number of people who play WoW, which is over 11 Million (about 0.15% of the world’s population!!)

  3. theshadowar7 says:

    It’s likely that it could be a great game, but a lot of people who have invested all this time into WoW won’t be ready to leave the game for some new game that just showed up. A lot of MMORPG fans are dedicated, but if it’s good enough it could definitely steal players from WoW. Because when WoW came out it stole a lot of players from Everquest, we’ll have to wait and see.

  4. bluekatt says:

    its likley that it is a better game then wow which is celebrating its 6 birthday this year
    ( the beta is from 2004 )
    but unless a miracle happens it wil not displace wow as the biggest payed mmorpg out there with 10 to 12 million players

    not that blizzard wil have an easy time to get people to migrate when they finally release wow 2

  5. jason says:

    I played FFXI for 2 years and felt it was far superior to wow in many ways. As FFXIV seems to be based around XI I am sure atleast to me it will be a far better game as well. I loved the atmosphere and look of the game as well as the dynamics. Yes the combat was very different and probally not as involved but I loved setting up large skillchains to burst for extra damage and then having a black mage drop some huge spell with perfect timing to set off a huge burst with insane damage that just makes no sense. The quests were cool and I loved the story missions plus all the extra stuff with the different dimensions and time travel. Game was huge to, lots of expansions and support. FXIV will be better then wow if they continue to treat it as good as they did XI