WoW Cataclysm Goblin Mage With Tier 10 Gear

Here is a video of the new cataclysm goblin mage in action. The goblin mage has a full heroic tier 10 gear on. He got this armor from an ICC25 man raid. In the video you can watch the mage go into combat. Use his pack hoblin racial ability’s. Use the Rocket barrage in combat as well. However keep in mind the rocket barrage is currently bugged in the game and it will only do 2 damage. The actually damage of rocket barrage should be much more based on what the tooltip is showing but its still an awesome thing to watch.

Im looking forward to how rocket jump will change pvp in the game. Because basically all it does is shoot you forward so not only is it going to be great for running away during combat. But image the awesome abilities for using it when you want to quickly reach someone to attack. I know other classes have things that are somewhat similar but i guess the goblins give these abilities an extra ump with the twisted animations that follow them.

The goblins are the new world of warcraft horde race that will be playable when cataclysm goes live. They are considered to be on par with the dwarves as some say due to how they use machines to do a majority of their needs. Also they have a very high want of gold so some players consider them to be on par with the ferengi from star trek. Either way they look like an awesome race to play. You get to drive around in a car and you can actually try to run over other NPC characters in the game.

Well anyways check out the video above. It shows you some awesome animations for the goblin, which from my perspective and others is far more fluid than that of the worgen. It might be due to the goblins getting more developer time or just how the worgens morph that they cant get a proper animation for them.

WoW Cataclym Goblin Mage

20 Responses to “WoW Cataclysm Goblin Mage With Tier 10 Gear”

  1. mittrum111 says:

    lol hes wepon damge damage more than hes spells O_0

  2. McSean023 says:

    @UcantResistClicking0 yeah dude i keybing like 20 keys but i still click 4-5 spells just cause its easier

  3. JruidTheDruid says:

    Do you still have “deep freeze, and the water elemental?”

  4. JruidTheDruid says:

    @UcantResistClicking0 Amen!
    same here i use keybindings on my first 4 main keys and click on the rest
    if that makes me a noob then im a damn good one.

  5. newbking001 says:


  6. alrdd says:

    Never really liked Horde, but these Goblins are looking sweet, better than Worgen, hmm… 😉

  7. MAPLEGUNZXX says:

    wtf u do more damage when u hit it than when u use magic?? ur damage sucks

  8. direwolf029 says:

    Because of this video I’m going to roll a Goblin Mage in Cataclysm.

  9. zephah says:


    I don’t know how you can possibly say what you just said seriously. It isn’t even an opinion that you can hit key binds faster than you could ever click.

    Clickers are noobs, or bad, but I’d rather be consider a noob than bad, because with a noob you’re someone who hasn’t played enough. If you’re bad, you’re just well…. bad.

  10. TheXcessive says:

    Thumbs up if you are gonna roll a Goblim Mage!

  11. LittleBigPoet says:

    @MentalSentinel u mean turn with the keyboard,cause every keybinder turns with the mouse, noe ,as I said b4, it’s 1’s decision and we only have to respect it, tbh are u worried about him playing bad? Is he you or something? Mind ur own business and let other play how they like pls

  12. MentalSentinel says:

    @LittleBigPoet it’s not about reacting slower. it’s about having to move with the keyboard, which is shit.

  13. polojine says:

    @UcantResistClicking0 ya its stupid to insult some1 over a game but if u wanna pvp u have to keybinds all ur spells and u can b good with clicking but u will be better if u dont click

  14. How2Q says:

    hey horde – ill trade you gnomes for goblins 😀

    i honestly would switch to horde just for a goblin lol — worgen arent even that cool imo

  15. DJDannyBacardi says:

    best thing to come to WoW…. GOBLINS!

  16. LittleBigPoet says:

    @MentalSentinel Are u mentally retarded,I suppose that’s the meaning of ur nick name…
    I’m a keybinder and I strongly advice ppl against clicking because it makes us react slower,tho it’s 1’s decision and u have to respect it.

  17. MentalSentinel says:

    @UcantResistClicking0 I don’t care how fast you can click. There is no excuse for clicking.

  18. FOXOF123 says:

    goblin’s animation seems to be really fluid and much nicer compare to worgen just the way i see it anyway…

  19. Miles173973 says:

    Ok, i don’t want to be a jerk, but this video (and probably all the other 80+ videos) are fake, in the current build of the beta, we only have access to lvls 1-82, you’re 85. What more, you’re a goblin, with full t10.277, and the premades they give us only have full t10.251

    In addition, if you were in the ALPHA, this would break the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    however, all of the negative points aside, the videos have amazing quality. That’s all i have to complement you on unfortunately

  20. banadona says:

    Goblin mages makes sense…they sure love fire and explosions.