Starcraft 2 Protoss Overpowered For Online?

Starcraft 2 Protoss Overpowered For OnlineDo you think the starcraft 2 protoss race is overpowered compared to others?

It seems whenever I’m playing i get owned by mainly protoss players. I think that they are totally over powered in the games. Just look at what chrono boost and motherships do to other players. It seems that the protoss are totally over powered and i keep getting owned by a zealot rush which i think is stupid. Does anyone else notice that one 10 voids can take down easily 30 marines.

I want to know if im playing the game wrong, or if they have actually imbalanced the game when it comes to playing a protoss and now we are screwed until blizzard does a new update to fix this stupid problem.

Best answer:

Well i think you are actually just playing the game wrong. Protoss did have a little to strong of rushing when the beta first started for zealots due to their low cost and the comparison they had in strength to other players.

Now however after they fixed that you can easily beat a protoss player. It mainly just boils down to what style of play you enjoy doing.

For example if you play as zerg you can easily do a zergling rush and still beat a protoss player if done correctly. Also zerg have the ability to spawn units faster than any other one in the game. Also the zerg have a great ability to fire long range to other players in the game. Their anti air is so freaking powerful at times that nothing can normally stop them end game.

They terrans are great for anti rush. Just build a barracks and 2 supply depots and boom you have stopped a rush. Also with terrans you can at the very start already hit air units which is great. Have you ever been rushed by a command center dropping in your base? Well i have and it sucks. Also the mobility of the terran plus end game nukes give you a great advantage over others players.

Yes the protoss are stronger than other races unit to unit. But when you factor in how easy it is to make one mistake and how long it takes for more units you are in trouble. If you make a small mistake with a unit as a zerg you wont feel the damage since you can spawn a ton more quickly. So while maybe you are being killed by protoss it seems that you just need to change your new strategy in how you fight them.

As a terran do more defense. As zergs work on air units that can kill. Its all in how you play the game. That is why starcraft 2 has always been called the chess game of RTS.

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  1. Saintdane says:

    Starcraft always has tradition as being extremely balanced. So the Zerg can have a crapload of one unit to overpower stuff. And the Terrans can have flying buildings, and amazing defenseive capabilitys. So no.