New Starcraft 2 Race To Be Unvield At Next Blizzcon

New Starcraft 2 Race To Be Unvield At Next BlizzconA new starcraft 2 race to be reviled at blizzcon?
So if you look at the daily dose of cops on G4 they have something at the bottom announcing that blizzard will have a new race and graphics for starcraft 2 when its released. So of course i went and looked for more information on this on the blizzard site. The blizzard site had no references of this new race and nothing about a new race to be reveled. If you are not aware they are planning on releasing 3 games total. The first if the Terran, the second and third will be the zerg and protoss. So I’m curious if maybe G4 made a mistake which it could easily do, or maybe is blizzard planning something special with the second or 3rd games in the starcraft 2 series.

Also blizzard did announce starcraft ghost awhile back. They did not officially cancel it but they did say its on an indefinite hold. Unlike their old cg Orc game which they did official cancel sc:ghost is still in limbo as well. Blizzard is known for making big changes, and the fact that they are releasing 3 starcraft 2 games can add a tiny bit more fuel to this rumor. What if they next games will have a new playable race, or just one you can fight against online. Or what if they are going to do something big for online play with the next releases for the new race.

Anyone know what blizzards big surprises for blizzcon might be? Well anyways its some exciting food for thought.

4 Responses to “New Starcraft 2 Race To Be Unvield At Next Blizzcon”

  1. xub3rj35u5x says:

    I heard of plans for starcraft 2 but I didnt think it was going to be made for a few more years

  2. el_mihnito says:

    yes its probably starcraft ghost but i dont know waht happened with it

  3. Will S says:

    Okay first off all there not going to realise untill 2009 or 10 they were talking about this at You must be confused
    Oh also they cancelled the making of starcraft ghost.

  4. Um..doesnt matta just help me says:

    nothing official has been announce
    but the korean fighter forum posted an article in which ‘a reliable source’ said that starcraft 2 would be coming out, and there wud be 4 races and 2 new units for the existing races
    also it said that a beta version would be ready by the end of the year
    but these are only rumors
    blizzard HAS confirmed that they will make a major announcement at the may 19 WWI (gaming convention) which is in korea, which wud be the ideal place if they were to anounce starcraft 2
    but then again
    all this is rumors and nothing has been confirmed