Stracraft 2 Single Player Game Cheats and Exploits

Stracraft 2 just like all major games released for the pc gaming community.  That is the single player game comes with a giant list of in game cheats to help you win instantly or help you just turn the title a bit in your gaming experience.  Remember these are mainly for players that just want to get a little extra depth in their single player game but these cheats are still going to help you win.  The following list are things you can type in the game then hit enter for the different effects

Medieval man – Instantly upgrade all your technology
something for nothing – instantly upgrade all your units for free.
the gathering – gain infinite amount of energy
game over man – instantly lose the match you are playing.
there is no cow level – instantly win the match.
power overwhelming – have all your units become invincible
war aint what it used to be – remove all of the games fog of war
breathe deep – Gain a quick 500 vespene gas.
food for thought – Remove all food and PSI requirements for you.
ophelia – select any games level (note after enterin the text you need to hit enter and select your level again)
staying alive – play past the screen of victory and just keep on playing the game.
what mine is mine – gain an extra 500 in game minerals.
radio free zerg – start playing zerg music.

Those are just a few of the many in game chat commands that have been found so far in the game. Keep in mind we are sure more will be found out in time so be sure to share them here so we can make the list of stracraft 2 cheats and exploits for the single player game all the better.

SC2 Cheats

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